Hippie Accessories

Discover our wide choice of hippie costumes and accessories for men and women

Visit our online store, your source of inspiration for all your hippie theme costumes. We offer a wide range of accessories for both men and women that you can purchase. Each costume is designed with love , respecting the theme of the hippie years. You can buy everything there, from blonde wigs to typical hippie round glasses.

Accessories for every size and for all ages

Our hippie costumes and accessories are available in different sizes, from adults to children. We also have a large selection of accessories for all ages, from a neon headband for your little girl's hair to a peace hat for an adult man. With us, each purchase reflects the expression of love and freedom, two essential values ​​of the hippie era.

Hippie costumes for all occasions

Whether for a themed evening, for a birthday or for an original gift, our costumes and accessories are perfect. You'll find a diverse selection of floral dresses and pants, hippie cardigans, rainbow-colored handbags and much more. All our items are available for purchase at very attractive prices.

Express Love with our hippie accessories

Among our selection of accessories, you will find a multitude of jewelry and necklaces bearing the image of the “peace and love” symbol. These hippie jewelry are available in different colors and styles. You'll also find hair accessories, like floral headbands and themed earrings. Express your “peace and love” side with our hippie accessories.

Disguise yourself as a hippie with our wigs and round glasses

A blonde or brown wig, decorated with round glasses, can complete your hippie disguise. Please select from our variety of wigs and glasses, offered in different styles and sizes to suit your preferences.

Express and free delivery

We offer express delivery for all our hippie accessories and costumes. We have the ability to offer you fast and convenient shipping for your purchase. In addition, all orders above a certain amount benefit from free shipping.

The sky is the limit with our hippie themes

Our online store offers a wide variety of hippie themes. Whether you're looking for a classic hippie costume with a floral dress, or a more daring look with a neon vest and floral hat, we've got you covered. Each purchase reflects your personality and your love for the hippie era.

Let your hair free with our hippie hair accessories

Whether you need a flower headband, bows for your hair or simply a blonde wig to complete your hippie woman costume, we have everything you need. Our hair accessories are available in several sizes and colors.

Hippie accessories for children and adults are available from us

We have a range of hippie accessories for children and adults. We offer costumes and accessories suitable for everyone, whether you are a man, a woman or a child. We offer a wide selection of costumes to suit everyone, with different sizes and styles to suit all tastes.

Express your love for the hippie years with our costumes and accessories

Whether you love hippie fashion or are simply looking for a costume for a themed party, our online store has what you need. From blonde wigs to round glasses, peace and love necklaces and floral vests, each item is available for purchase at an affordable price.

Give an original gift with our hippie accessories

Are you looking for an original gift for a loved one who loves the hippie theme? You will find with us a selection of accessories to offer. From themed jewelry to peace hats, including rainbow-colored handbags, there is something for all tastes and at all prices.

Treat yourself with our discounted costumes and accessories

Not only are our costumes and accessories available at competitive prices, but we also regularly offer promotions. Whether you're looking for a wig, headband, round glasses or a floral hat, you're sure to find something to suit your taste and within your budget.

Our accessories are available in several colors

Our hippie accessories come in a variety of colors, from neon pink to sky blue. With us, you will discover a wide range of shades available in our online store, which will meet all your requirements and preferences. No matter what shade you're looking for, we've got you covered.

Let your hippie spirit express itself with our costumes and accessories

Whether it's a costume for adults or children, we have what you need to express your hippie spirit. With our wide variety of accessories available, like round glasses, peace hats, blonde wigs and themed jewelry, you're sure to find the perfect costume.

Your online store for all your hippie costumes and accessories

Our e-commerce platform is the ideal place to meet all your needs for hippie costumes and accessories. Whether you are looking for a costume for women, men or children, or you need accessories to complete your look, you will find everything you need with us.

A pleasant shopping experience with our express delivery service

With our express delivery service, you will receive your costumes and accessories in no time. Additionally, we offer free delivery for any order above a specific threshold.