50s Rings

The Art of the Vintage Ring from the 50s

The 50s style is a true favorite among vintage jewelry lovers today. The ring is arguably the most iconic piece of jewelry from this era, often adorned with diamonds or sapphires , and sometimes even emeralds . The jewelry art of the 1950s reveals a distinctive Deco style and meticulous design, with each ring set by hand. Platinum and silver were the favored metals of this era, giving rings a luxurious yet understated look.

The Platinum Tank Ring: A 1950s Classic

The Platinum Tank ring model was very popular during the 1950s. It was often a ring set with a large diamond in the center, flanked by smaller diamonds on the sides. The size and weight of the diamonds varied, but the style remained the same: an undeniably elegant art of the era.

Details and Carats: The Quality of Diamonds from the 1950s

The diamonds used in rings in the 1950s were often of high quality. The size of the diamonds was very important, because the larger the diamond , the higher the price of the ring. Weight, usually measured in carats , was also a determining factor in price.

A Vintage Jewelry: Rubies and Sapphires from the 1950s

Besides diamonds, rubies and sapphires were also popular for rings in the 1950s. These gemstones added a pop of color and distinction to this vintage jewelry. Set with a ruby ​​or sapphire, a ring could become the center of all attention.

Emeralds: A Retro Choice for a Period Jewelry

Another gemstone that gained popularity during this era is emerald . With its vibrant green hue, emerald offered a colorful alternative to the traditional white diamond. It was also a widely popular option for engagement rings, symbolizing commitment and unconditional love.

50s Engagement Style: Details and Carats

The 50s style of engagement ring is highly regarded for its quality and sophistication. Often set with a white center diamond, surrounded by small colored precious stones, the 1950s engagement ring is a vintage piece of jewelry that has not lost its charm.

Free Delivery for your Retro Jewelry

To make your purchase easier, we offer free delivery for all our vintage rings from the 50s. Whether you are in Paris or elsewhere in France, you can order your favorite retro jewelry and receive it directly at your home at no additional cost.

A second-hand piece of jewelry: Engagement Baguettes from the 1950s

Among vintage jewelry, the 50s engagement ring is a favorite. Whether set with a white diamond, a blue sapphire or a red ruby, this ring is a second-hand piece of jewelry that has a story to tell.

Retro Style French Baguettes in Paris

If you find yourself in Paris, you have the opportunity to explore our selection of vintage rings dating from the 1950s. Each ring is a singular masterpiece, carefully crafted by hand and embellished with precious gems. Whether you are looking for an engagement ring, a cocktail ring or simply a ring to add to your collection, you will undoubtedly find what you are looking for among our vintage jewelry.

Show Your Favorite Vintage Baguettes

By displaying your favorite vintage rings, you can share your love for vintage jewelry with friends and family. Whether it's a ring set with a ruby, sapphire or diamond, each ring has its own story to tell.

A Ring for Every Woman: The 1950s Cocktail Ring

The 50s cocktail ring is another trend from the era that has stood the test of time. These rings, usually adorned with a large stone in the center, were often worn at parties and special events. The cocktail ring is a piece of jewelry suitable for all women, bringing a touch of shine and elegance to any outfit.

We are delighted to invite you to explore our selection of retro rings dating back to the 1950s. Each ring has been carefully selected for its quality, unique design and period charm.

The Expression of Retro Style through Vintage Chopsticks from the 50s

No expression of retro style would be complete without mentioning vintage rings from the 1950s. These works of art embody the quintessence of the era, with their intricate and detailed design. It was a period when we saw a proliferation of ring designs, from the elegant solitaire diamond set in platinum , to dazzling tank rings, adorned with multiple precious stones.

The Legacy of the Past Century: The Role of Tank Baguettes in the History of Jewelry

The role of Tank rings in the history of jewelry cannot be overlooked. These iconic pieces from the past century are still widely celebrated and sought after today for their symbolism and unique beauty. Tank rings are often recognizable by their wide platinum band, typically set with diamonds and sometimes adorned with other precious stones such as ruby , sapphire or emerald .

Tour the Collections: Explore the Style, Size and Weight of our Vintage Baguettes

Exploring our collections is like taking a trip through time, discovering the style, size and weight of each vintage ring. Each piece tells its own story, each detail reveals unique know-how. Whether it is a silver or platinum ring, set with diamonds or adorned with rubies , each ring has its own identity.

A Look at the Second-Hand Market: Price and Value of Vintage 1950s Baguettes

In the second-hand market, the price of vintage rings from the 1950s can vary greatly depending on various factors such as the size, weight and quality of the diamonds and other gemstones used, as well as the type of metal used for the ring. Platinum rings tend to be more expensive than silver ones, and rings adorned with rare or large gemstones can fetch considerable prices.

The Charm of the 50s: The Impact of Engagement Baguettes on Last Century Fashion

Engagement rings from the 1950s had a significant impact on fashion in the last century. The choice of metal, the design of the setting and the selection of stones were all details that reflected the trends of the time. Choosing emerald as a center stone, for example, was a popular retro choice that has made a comeback in contemporary fashion.

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Discover Parisian Charm: Our Vintage Collections in Paris

Our boutique in Paris offers you a unique experience to discover and try our vintage rings. Whether you're looking for an engagement ring, a tank ring or a cocktail ring, our selection in Paris is sure to captivate you.

The Elegance of a Cocktail Ring: The Symbol of 1950s Glamor

The 1950s era saw the emergence of the cocktail ring , a symbol of glamor and elegance. These statement rings, often set with large gemstones, were the perfect choice for special occasions. Today, they remain very popular with those who want to assert their style in a daring way.

A Detail That Matters: The Setting in Vintage Baguettes

The setting is a crucial detail in the design of vintage rings. Whether the ring is set with a central diamond, surrounded by sapphires or rubies, each stone is carefully placed to maximize its brilliance and beauty. The setting not only influences the appearance of the ring, but also its value on the second-hand market.

The Retro Craze: Why Have Vintage Baguettes Become Favorites?

The retro style craze has seen an increase in demand for vintage rings. The timeless charm of 50s rings, with their meticulous details and unique designs, has made them favorites among jewelry enthusiasts and collectors. Whether for a special occasion, to complete a collection, or simply for the pleasure of appreciating a piece of art from the past, vintage rings have become an enduring trend in today's fashion.

The Tour de Force of White Diamonds in 1950s Baguettes

White diamonds have always been synonymous with luxury and elegance. In 1950s rings, they were often the stone of choice for ring centers, shining brightly among sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Their unmistakable brilliance and durability made white diamonds a favorite choice for vintage rings from the 1950s.

Baguettes for All Women: How to Choose the Size of Your Vintage Ring?

It is crucial to select the correct ring size to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. Whether you're looking for an engagement ring or a cocktail ring, it's important to know your ring size before making a purchase. Our ring sizing guide will help you find the perfect size for you, ensuring that your vintage 50s ring will be as comfortable as it is beautiful.

Making a Statement with a Cocktail Ring: The Bold Style of the 50s

Cocktail rings are designed to make a statement. Big, bold and adorned with dazzling gemstones, these rings were the perfect accessory for special occasions in the 1950s. Today, they continue to be a popular choice for those looking to add a touch of vintage glamor to their style.