Hippie Headband

Hippie headband, the ideal complement for a disguise

The hippie headband is an essential costume accessory to perfect your outfit. Among the flowers, peace and love necklaces and round glasses typical of the hippie years, the banner stands out for its charm and simplicity. Whether for an adult or a child, there are a multitude of sizes and designs to suit all tastes. The product easily adapts to hair of different lengths and textures, making your hippie outfit authentic.

List of accessories for a complete hippie costume

To complete your hippie costume, you will need several accessories in addition to a banner. This includes round glasses, a peace and love necklace, suspenders, a fringed vest, jewelry such as bracelets and earrings, and of course, a hippie wig. For a touch of glamour, don't forget to add feathers in your hair or on your vest. If you are organizing a ceremony on the theme of the hippie years, also think about masks for your guests.

Delivery and prices of our hippie items

In terms of delivery, we ensure rapid shipping of our items throughout France. Concerning the price, we offer different accessory kits so that you can put together your hippie costume according to your budget. For wigs, for example, the price varies depending on the length and quality of the hair. In addition, we offer a free return if the product does not suit you, whatever your means of purchase.

Hippie costumes for all occasions

Whether it's a fancy dress party, a Halloween ceremony or a themed Christmas, hippie costumes are always a good idea. The love for peace, freedom and nature that they represent continues to inspire current generations. Additionally, they are suitable for a wide range of ages, from children to adults. For an even more hippie look, don't forget brightly colored wigs and headbands.

Opinions from our customers on our hippie products

For more details on the quality and rendering of our products, do not hesitate to consult our customer reviews. Whether for the headband, glasses, wig or other accessories, their feedback will help you make the best choice.

Hippie trend in fashion and cinema

The hippie trend has always had an important place in fashion and cinema. From actors to filmmakers, many have adopted the peace and love look. Likewise, several films and series highlight the hippie movement, bringing this significant period in our history to life. With our products, you can immerse yourself in this era, whether for a fancy dress party, a theater performance or simply for the pleasure of reliving the hippie years.

Remember that the world of costumes is not limited to the hippie movement. Pirates, princesses, superheroes… we offer a wide range of themes to meet all your needs. Whatever the event, our goal is to guarantee you an optimal experience in all circumstances.

How to accessorize your headband for an authentic look?

The banner, a symbolic accessory of hippie fashion, offers numerous customization options, thus offering a multitude of possibilities. To stay true to the trend of years of love and peace, opt for headbands decorated with flowers , feathers or natural elements. You can also add jewelry to your headband, like pearls or semi-precious stones, for a touch of elegance. Remember to match your banner to your necklace and your round glasses for a harmonious ensemble. Remember that the banner is a versatile accessory: you can wear it as a day or evening outfit , depending on your preferences and the occasion.

Organize a party on the theme of the hippie movement

Organizing a hippie-themed party is an original idea that is sure to please your guests, whether they are adults or children. For this, decoration is essential. Abundant flowers , peace and love signs, bright colors... Everything must recall the colorful and joyful world of hippies. Treat your guests to a selection of costumes and accessories including headbands, round glasses, necklaces and fringed vests . Also think about a list of songs from the era for a successful musical atmosphere. And why not bring hippie masks to liven up your evening?

An original gift idea: the hippie disguise kit

Are you looking for an original gift idea for the Christmas holidays, a birthday or simply to please? The hippie costume kit is a great option. It includes several accessories such as the banner, the necklace, the straps, the fringed vest and of course the wig. In addition, we offer kits for women, men and children, allowing everyone to find what they are looking for. The kit is available at an attractive price and is delivered quickly for maximum satisfaction.

Hippie fashion through the ages

Hippie fashion has survived the ages without ever losing its charm. Many professions, such as those in cinema, continue to draw inspiration from this trend. Many actors, directors, but also stylists and fashion designers draw from the hippie world to create unique outfits, accessories and settings. Whether you are a man or a woman, adult or child, hippie fashion offers a wide choice of outfits and accessories for all tastes and all occasions.

Payment methods and returns policy

We offer several purchasing methods to facilitate your purchases on our site. Whether through credit cards, PayPal or bank transfers, we take care to guarantee the security of all your transactions. In case of dissatisfaction, our returns policy allows you to return your order at no additional cost. We do everything we can to offer you a pleasant and stress-free shopping experience. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details on our returns policy or for any other questions.