90s Sneakers

90s Basketball Collection

Welcome to our collection of 90s sneakers . This selection is full of vintage models and modern reissues, giving you a rich variety of shoes for every style. From grunge fashion to more colorful styles inspired by the hip-hop movement, we've got you covered.

Delivery and Return

Don't worry about shipping , because it's free for every pair of sneakers you choose. Our delivery service is fast and efficient, ensuring that your new shoes will arrive at your door in perfect condition. What if the size doesn't fit? No problem ! We offer an easy returns service so you can get the perfect size hassle-free.

Leather Shoes and Sneakers for Women

One of the most popular trends of the 90s was leather shoes . From sturdy ankle boots to minimalist sandals, leather was the material of choice for many brands . We offer a range of women's leather shoes and sneakers to add a vintage touch to your wardrobe.

Prices and Information

You will find all the information on the prices of each basketball model on our site. With prices starting from a few dozen EUR , we have shoes for every budget.

90s Fashion in Paris

Paris, with its undeniable style, has always been a trendy place when it comes to fashion. The 90s were no exception. From worn jeans to casual sweats, designers in Paris have taken these styles and reinterpreted them in their own clothing and shoe collections.

Origin of the Collection

The origin of our collection comes from a deep love for 90s fashion and the impact that decade had on the world of sneakers . From the shoes ' iconic commercials to the NBA games that put them in the spotlight, every style in our collection tells a story.

In summary, whether you are looking for a shoe to complete your vintage look , a pair of NBA sneakers to show your love of the sport, or simply a new pair of sneakers to add to your collection, our collection of 90s sneakers has something for you. We are excited to assist you in discovering the ideal combination!

Sneakers, Sneakers, Shoes, Stars with Unique Styles

Step into the 90s era with our on-trend fashion . Each pair of sneakers we offer reminds you of a specific NBA star from that era. These sneakers have been designed to provide maximum comfort during tough matches , while being stylish enough to be worn off the field. Let us transport you back to the days when every shoe told a story, where every design reflected a unique star .

Sandals and Boots: The Contrast of 90s Fashion

The 90s were known for their diversity when it came to fashion . Alongside sneakers and trainers , minimalist sandals and sturdy leather ankle boots have also gained popularity. With their vintage designs, these shoes were the epitome of casual 90s style . They marked the trends of the time, forming an intriguing contrast with sports shoes .

The Urban Look: Jeans, Sweatshirt and Sneakers

The 90s urban look is incomplete without good old jeans , a comfortable sweatshirt and a pair of sneakers . Whether it was casual sneakers or canvas shoes, these items were essential at the time. These styles have spanned the decades and remain a strong trend to this day. Our range of vintage sneakers helps you recreate that classic look.

The White and Black Style: A Timeless Classic

Nothing says classic like white and black . These two colors were omnipresent in 90s fashion . Whether it's a pair of crisp white sneakers or sleek black shoes , these timeless shades are always popular. Explore our range of shoes and find your perfect pair of white or black sneakers .

Parisian Trends and the Origin of 90s Style

Paris has always been a leader when it comes to fashion and the 90s were no exception. Parisian trends greatly influenced ' 90s fashion , from casual sneakers to sleek leather shoes . The origin of 90s style is deeply rooted in the innovation and creativity of Parisian designers of the time.

Prices and Advertising

Advertising played a crucial role in the success of '90s sneakers and shoes . Iconic advertising campaigns helped popularize specific brands and models . Whether it's the NBA sneakers worn by basketball stars or the casual sneakers popularized by advertisements , each shoe has its own story to tell. As for prices , we offer a complete range of shoes for all budgets, from entry-level to ultra-high-end. Every EUR spent is worth it for these vintage treasures.

Unisex Fashion: Shoes for Everyone

Fashion in the 90s was just as much for men as it was for women. Many shoes from this era were unisex , breaking gender stereotypes and providing style flexibility. Whether it's canvas sneakers or leather sneakers , we offer a range of unisex shoes that allows everyone to express their unique style .

90s Ankle Boots and Sandals: Versatility and Comfort

Ankle boots and sandals were other popular options among the sneaker and sneaker choices. Leather ankle boots , often in black , added a touch of ruggedness to any look . On the other hand, sandals offered a light and airy option, perfect for summer days. Our range of ankle boots and sandals has plenty of options to suit any occasion.

The Jeans and Sweatshirt Trend: The Evolution of the 90s

Jeans and sweatshirts are inseparable elements of the 90s trend . Whether it was ripped jeans worn with white sneakers or a loose sweatshirt with colorful sneakers , these combinations defined the style of the era. Discover our range of jeans and sweatshirts to complete your vintage outfit.

The Price of Sneakers: A Matter of Brand and Model

Sneaker prices depend on many factors, including brand , model , year of release, and rarity. Shoes from major brands or limited sneakers from collaborations with NBA stars can fetch higher prices . However, we strive to offer competitive prices for all of our products.

Paris Styles: Influence and Trends

Paris is known for its great influence on global trends . In the '90s , Paris designs made a splash, mixing classic elements like white and black with bolder looks . From leather ankle boots to colorful sneakers , Paris style has inspired many trends of this decade.

Advertising and Promotion of Sneakers

Advertising was a key factor in the popularity of sneakers in the 1990s . Innovative advertising campaigns have helped highlight new models and brands . NBA stars often appeared in these advertisements , increasing the visibility and popularity of certain sneakers .

The Unisex Phenomenon: Equality in Fashion

The 90s era saw a rise in the popularity of unisex clothing and shoes . Shoes like sneakers were popular with both men and women, and trends were starting to shift toward more inclusive style . Our range of unisex shoes offers plenty of choices to suit all tastes.