50s Jewelry

A rich collection of jewelry from the 50s

Relive the 50s through our magnificent collection of vintage gems. We offer a diverse range from diamond -embellished rings to retro earrings , brooches and necklaces crafted with meticulous artistry . The era of tank style comes back to life in our selection.

Jewelry is available for purchase and sale on our site. Each piece of jewelry is accompanied by details on its size , the type of stones used, the carat of the diamond or ruby ​​embedded, and its price . Don't miss our selection of platinum rings and bracelets , or silver necklaces .

Vintage jewelry for all tastes

One of the charms of our 50s jewelry collection is the large selection we offer. If you're looking for a vintage ring , we have a range that ranges from rings set with diamonds to those with delicate pearls . For lovers of bright colors, we have jewels adorned with rubies and sapphires .

In addition to our rings , we also offer vintage earrings . If you prefer a more retro style, we have retro ear clips that will add an elegant touch to your outfit. To complete your look, you can also browse our collection of 50s brooches and bracelets .

Get great deals with our vintage jewelry offers

Buying vintage jewelry is a great investment. In order to assist you in your advantageous purchases, we present the price of each piece of jewelry in EUR . Plus, we offer free delivery on all our gems. Don't forget to browse our exclusive promotions and discounts on our jewelry collection by checking out our special offers.

Paris: the cradle of 1950s jewel art

The gem art of the 1950s reached its peak in Paris . Each ring , brooch or bracelet that we offer has been selected for its beauty and quality, representing the golden era of Parisian jewelry. We are delighted to present these magnificent artisanal creations straight from the fashion capital.

The refinement of the old for the modern style

Our collection of gems from the 50s fits perfectly into the world of modern fashion . Whether it's a diamond -studded ring , a silver brooch or pearl -adorned earrings , each piece of jewelry is a nod to times gone by while remaining elegant and current.

Whether you are looking for a women's ring adorned with a multi- carat diamond , a vintage bracelet , a brooch or a pair of earrings , we are sure you will find the jewel perfect among our collection. Discover the richness of our selection and let yourself be seduced by the charm of the jewels of the 50s .

The specificities of jewelry from the 50s: diamonds, pearls and precious metal

This bygone era left a rich legacy of gems. Jewelers of these years primarily used platinum , a white precious metal , to create elegant rings , bracelets , and necklaces . It was a preferred material for its discreet shine which highlighted diamonds and other precious stones .

The other popular material of the time was silver . Cooler in tone than platinum, it offered a striking contrast to the encrusted rubies , sapphires and diamonds . Jewelry from the 1950s reflected an era of luxury and sophistication.

Pearls were also a distinct feature of jewelry of these years . From pearl necklaces to earrings and bracelets , this soft and feminine detail was very popular.

Exceptional quality: the art of cutting stones and diamonds

The jewelry craftsmanship of the 1950s is remarkable for the quality of the size of the stones and diamonds . The art of cutting was considered essential, and the artisans of the time made a point of bringing out the natural beauty of each stone or diamond . Jewelry from this period, whether rings , necklaces or bracelets , demonstrates unparalleled attention to detail and precision.

How to buy 50s gems from us

Buying 50s jewelry in our store is an experience in itself. We offer you access to a secure and user-friendly online platform to make your purchases . All jewels are accompanied by a detailed description mentioning the price in EUR , the metal used, the size , the number of carats and the stones inlaid.

A meticulous selection of jewels for the modern woman

Our collection of 50s jewelry is specifically aimed at women who appreciate vintage style . You'll find platinum rings set with diamonds , silver necklaces adorned with pearls , delicate brooches and elegant bracelets , all carefully selected for their quality and authenticity.

The beauty of the ancient to display on your wrist, your neck or your ears

Wearing jewelry from the 50s is not only a way to adopt a vintage style , it is also a way to show your love for the beauty of the old . Whether it's a ring on your finger, a necklace around your neck, a bracelet on your wrist, or earrings dangling from your ears , each piece of jewelry is a piece of history to wear.

Sophistication personified: the influence of the 50s on contemporary style

Revisiting the 50s through our collection also means grasping the undeniable impact of this decade on current style . Design details , the use of precious metals like silver and platinum , and the careful inlay of diamonds , rubies and sapphires are all elements that influence the creation of modern pieces today.

The retro aesthetic isn't just a throwback to the past. She bridges the gap between ancient and modern, redefining what sophistication means. Whether you are looking for an elegant earring , a delicate brooch or a chic decorative accessory, you will find in our collection a nod to the fashion of yesterday and today.

Browse, Buy & Sell: Doing Business Made Easy

Our platform has been specially developed to simplify your purchasing transactions . Each piece is presented with a clear image and precise details regarding the price in EUR , the carat number of the gems and the size of the item. Additionally, our sales process is just as simplified. You will be able to sell your own vintage pieces, with the assurance of a secure process and fast delivery .

Treat yourself to the luxury of the 50s with our irresistible offers

Our jewelry from the 50s is a real invitation to treat yourself to the luxury of yesteryear. Thanks to our special offers , you can add unique pieces to your collection without breaking the bank. From the diamond - studded earring to the ruby -studded brooch , each piece is a work of art in its own right.

Paris : the city of light at the heart of our collection

Paris , the capital of trends and jewelry, is at the heart of our collection. This city was a major source of inspiration for gem designers in the 1950s . Whether it is the platinum ring , the silver bracelet or the brooch adorned with diamonds , each piece carries with it a part of Parisian elegance.

Careful packaging for each piece of jewelry : our commitment to you

We understand the importance of receiving your jewelry in a box as elegant as the contents. Each piece of jewelry is carefully packaged in a specially designed box to guarantee its safety during delivery .