90s Jewelry

Vintage jewelry from the 90s: a unique collection

Explore our exceptional collection of vintage jewelry from the 90s . Whether you're looking for bracelets , necklaces , rings or earrings , our selection offers a variety of styles for men and women. With a growing trend for retro and vintage , our jewelry is the perfect choice to immerse yourself in the fashion of this fascinating era.

Unisex accessories: jewelry for everyone

In our store , we value uniqueness and inclusiveness. This is why we offer unisex accessories . Our jewelry , such as bracelets , rings and necklaces , is designed to be worn by everyone, men and women . Plus, our selection of vintage sunglasses and watches is also unisex.

Free delivery for a hassle-free shopping experience

To enhance your shopping experience, we offer free shipping on all of our vintage jewelry . Take this opportunity to order the bracelet , necklace or ring that you like the most.

Size and price information for easy selection

Each item in our collection comes with detailed information , including price and size . Whether you are looking for earrings , a bracelet , a necklace or a watch , you will find all the information you need to make your choice.

Jewelry trends: retro and breathable

In our collection , we focus on jewelry trends . We've seen a growing interest in retro jewelry and breathable jewelry , designed to be as comfortable as possible. Whether you prefer steel or silver , there is something for every taste.

Celebrate with Jewelry for Every Holiday

Whatever holiday you're celebrating, our collection has the perfect jewelry for the occasion. Whether for Mother's Day or simply to please yourself, you will find a wide choice of rings , bracelets , necklaces and earrings in our store.

The designer behind the vintage jewelry collection

Our 90s jewelry comes from a designer passionate about the retro era. Each ring , bracelet , necklace and earrings is designed with care, and each accessory is infused with the unique style of this decade. Our designer has also incorporated his passion for watches and sunglasses into his collection, offering a variety of accessories to complete your vintage look.

The pink trend in our 90s jewelry

The pink trend is very present in our jewelry collection . Whether it's a ring with a rose setting, a bracelet with rose charms or a necklace with a rose pendant, the softness and femininity of pink can be found in many of our pieces. Not forgetting our sunglasses and watches with pink details, adding a touch of this trend to your accessories .

Silver and steel: the preferred materials for our vintage jewelry

Silver and steel are the materials of choice in our vintage jewelry . These durable and strong materials are perfect for creating jewelry that will stand the test of time. Our silver and steel rings , bracelets and necklaces are designed to be worn and enjoyed for years.

Jewelry for every man in our collection

Our collection is not limited to women's jewelry . We also offer a huge selection of men's jewelry , including rings , bracelets , necklaces and earrings . Plus, our range of unisex watches and sunglasses are ideal for complementing every man's wardrobe.

Advertising: How our vintage jewelry became a success

Thanks to effective advertising , our collection of vintage jewelry has gained notoriety. 90s jewelry has become a major trend in the fashion world, and our advertising has captured the attention of retro style lovers.

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Clip jewelry: a great return to the past

Clip jewelry is making a big comeback and is now an essential part of our vintage assortment. Whether clip-on earrings or necklaces with clip-on pendants, these pieces of jewelry are as practical as they are elegant. Suitable for both men and women , our clip-on jewelry is an excellent alternative for those who prefer to avoid piercings.

The chained style: a must-have of the retro era

The chained style was very popular in the 90s and remains very popular today. Our chain necklaces for men and women add a touch of sparkle to any outfit. You can wear them individually for a minimalist style, or layer them to create a more striking effect. Our watches and sunglasses complete this chained aspect of your look.

Our research to offer you the best fashion accessories

We are always looking for the best fashion accessories to satisfy our customers. Whether it's watches , sunglasses , necklaces , earrings or even clips , we strive to offer you a diverse selection of accessories to complement your wardrobe. Our research focuses on identifying the highest quality and best design products for our customers.

Trust our stores for your unisex jewelry

Our stores offer a variety of unisex jewelry to satisfy all tastes. Whether you're looking for a bold necklace , discreet earrings , a stylish watch or modern sunglasses , you can count on our stores to meet your needs.

Celebrate mom with our 90s jewelry

Our selection of 90s jewelry is the ideal gift for mom . A delicate necklace , elegant earrings , or perhaps a vintage watch to remind her of her youth. You can even choose a pair of sunglasses to add a touch of style to her look.

Steel: the perfect finishing touch for your vintage jewelry

Steel is a timeless material in jewelry . Its robustness and shine make it the ideal material for our vintage jewelry . Men and women will appreciate the quality and elegance of our steel necklaces , earrings and watches .

The unrivaled quality of our plate jewelry

Our jewelry is distinguished by the quality of our plate jewelry . Whether it's a necklace , clip-on jewelry or a watch , each piece is carefully designed to ensure exceptional durability and shine. Each plaque ring and necklace is meticulously crafted to stand the test of time while maintaining its luster and beauty.

Discover our selection of women's jewelry from the 90s

We are extremely proud of the huge variety of jewelry for women that we offer. Each ring , necklace and clip-on jewelry is designed to capture the unique spirit of the 90s . Every woman can find the perfect piece of jewelry to complete her outfit, whether it's a vintage watch or a chain necklace .

Showcase your personality with our unisex accessories

Our unisex accessories are more than just a fashion statement. Whether you're looking for a watch , glasses , necklace or clip-on jewelry , each accessory has been designed to allow you to show off your unique personality.

At the forefront of fashion with our breathable jewelry

Our breathable jewelry represents the best in jewelry innovation. These jewelry allow your skin to breathe while adding a touch of elegance to your look. You can wear your favorite ring or necklace all day long, while maintaining optimal comfort.

Advertise your favorite jewelry

With our advertising program, you can share your love for our 90s jewelry with the world. Whether you love our watches , clip-on jewelry , necklaces , or rings , you can help promote these beautiful pieces and maybe even receive perks in return.

A hassle-free free delivery experience

Take advantage of our free delivery offer for all your orders. Whether you are purchasing a necklace , ring , watch , or clip-on jewelry , we are committed to providing you with a hassle-free delivery experience. You can therefore devote your attention to the essential: finding the gems from the 90s that suit you perfectly.

Our free delivery offer for all sizes

We are proud to offer free shipping on all order sizes. Whether you choose a single item or order in large numbers for a party , we assure you that your package will arrive quickly and at no extra cost. Take advantage of our generous offer and browse our assortment of unisex accessories for all sizes, from stylish watches to practical clips .

Details of our steel jewelry for the 90s

Steel is at the heart of many pieces in our assortment of unisex accessories . It is a strong and durable material, perfect for achieving the authentic 90s look. From watches to clips , you will appreciate the detail and finish of each steel piece in our range.

Advertising helps us share our love for vintage

Thanks to our strong advertising strategy, we have managed to reach a large audience passionate about 90s fashion. We love sharing information about our unisex accessories through various channels, to help each customer find the perfect piece for their retro look.

Do your research and find the best price for your retro style

We encourage our customers to do their research to find the best price for their fashion accessories . Whether you're looking for practical clips , stylish watches or party accessories, our stores offer competitive prices for everyone.

Enjoy retro fashion for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to give your mom a gift that will remind her of the 90s . Whether it's a vintage watch or practical clips , you'll find the perfect gift to show him your love.

Chain your style with our unisex accessories

The chained style is a timeless trend that we have adopted in our assortment of unisex accessories . From watches with steel links to clips with chain details, this style is perfect for giving a retro touch to your look.