70s Earring

“70s earring” collection: Immerse yourself in the vintage world!

Welcome to our store , where retro fashion comes to life. This collection is a true ode to the 70s , a time when earrings had an important place in fashion . The selection includes a variety of jewelry , from simple clips to luxurious, diamond- encrusted dangling earrings.

We pay attention to each item in our collection. Our vintage earrings are available at various price points , ranging from affordable options to more luxurious pieces. Whether you're looking for a simple silver earring or a pair of pearl -adorned hoop earrings, you're sure to find something to suit your taste.

A wide choice of earrings

The woman of the 70s had her own style, and our jewelry reflects this trend. Our selection includes both women 's earrings and men 's options, all made by our talented designer . And if you're looking for something a little fancier , don't miss our hoop earrings adorned with rhinestones and retro designs .

Each pair of earrings in our collection has been carefully chosen for their quality and style. They're the perfect accessory to complete your look, whether you're looking for something for a wedding or to add a vintage touch to your everyday outfit.

Quality materials

Our earrings are made from quality materials. Metal , silver , pearls and diamonds are all elements you will find in our collection. Flowers , patterns and embroidery are also very present to add a touch of color and fantasy.

Options for all tastes

We offer a diverse range of styles to suit all tastes. You will find, for example, dangling earrings, rings , sleepers and even clips for those who do not have pierced ears. Our costume jewelry brings a touch of originality to your style, while our silver and diamond pieces add a touch of sophistication.

Delivery and return

We offer delivery on all our products, so don't hesitate to choose from our selection of jewelry . If you change your mind, you can return your pair of earrings to us within 14 days of receipt.

Additional accessories

In our store you will find more than earrings. We also have a range of fashion accessories , from handbags to jewelry kits to vintage greeting cards .

Retro fashion for everyone

We want everyone to be able to express their style, which is why our jewelry selection includes options for women , men and even children . Whether you're looking for jewelry for your daughter or want to add a vintage touch to your style , you're sure to find something to suit your taste in our collection.

Jewelry making course

Are you interested in the art of jewelry making? We also offer jewelry design classes to help you develop your skills. You will learn how to create your own earrings , rings , clips and other fashion accessories .

An overview of our collection

Do you want to have an overview of our collection before making your choice? Consult our selection of jewelry and let yourself be seduced by our offer. Whether you prefer timeless white , colorful patterns , or gemstones , you're sure to find something you like.

Visit our store

Our store is the ideal place to discover a wide range of vintage jewelry . Whether you are looking for earrings for your wife , jewelry for men or accessories for your children , you will find everything in our store . We also offer a wide range of hair jewelry , including vintage barrettes and hairpins.

The Subtlety of Metal and the Brilliance of Diamonds: The Undeniable Charm of 70s Earrings

Metal and diamonds mingle in an enchanting dance to offer vintage earrings of rare beauty. In our store, every man and woman will be able to discover the pleasure of wearing these retro jewelry, reflections of an era when style and audacity were in harmony.

The Fantasies of Motifs, the Delicacy of Flowers: Creativity at the Heart of our Jewelry

Let yourself be surprised by the richness of the patterns that adorn our vintage earrings. From abstract style to delicate representations of flowers , each pair is an invitation to discovery. Far from uniform creations, we offer you true works of art , as unique as you.

From Timeless White to Bright Colors: A Palette of Colors to Enhance Your Ears

While white remains a classic and timeless choice for jewelry, our vintage collection also offers a variety of colorful earrings. The bright tones of the 70s are found in jewelry that adds a note of cheerfulness to your look. Whether you are a daring man or a sparkling woman , you will find jewelry that suits you.

The Chic of Clips, the Elegance of Sleepers: Styles for all Tastes

Don't you have pierced ears? Our clips are here for you. Do you prefer the refinement of sleepers ? You will be satisfied. Our 70s earrings have been designed to please everyone, whatever your taste. Every man , every woman , every child will find what they are looking for among our selection of jewelry.

A Vintage Selection for Your Wedding: Enhance your D-Day with our Retro Earrings

Who said vintage has no place at a wedding ? Our vintage earrings will be the ideal accessory to add a touch of originality to your bridal outfit. For today's man , they will bring a note of elegance and distinction.

The 70s in the spotlight: Courses to learn how to create your vintage jewelry

Want to get started creating jewelry? We offer classes where you can learn how to make your own vintage jewelry. Earrings, rings , clips ... Discover the pleasure of creating unique jewelry with your hands.

A Boutique for Children: Introduce Your Little Ones to Retro Fashion

Vintage fashion isn't just for adults! In our store , children also have their place. Girl or boy, everyone can discover the pleasure of wearing retro jewelry. Our selection of children's jewelry is both fun and chic, to allow them to learn about fashion in style.

View of the Collection: Discover Our Jewelry through Our Vintage Postcards

To get an overview of our collection before making your choice, we offer vintage postcards illustrating our jewelry. An original and aesthetic way to discover our offer.

Hair Accessories and Kits: Bring a Retro Touch to Your Hairstyle

In our store, you will also find hair accessories in the pure style of the 70s. Barrettes, pins, headbands... Each object is an invitation to rediscover the vintage spirit. Our hair kits will allow you to create retro hairstyles with ease.

Free delivery: Your Vintage Jewelry Delivered Directly to Your Home

We offer free delivery on all our orders. You can order your vintage jewelry with complete peace of mind, regardless of your location. This is our way of expressing our gratitude for your trust.

Jewelry, A Family Affair: A Pair of Earrings for Every Member of the Family

In our store , we believe that earrings are more than just an accessory . They are a way to express your individuality, to claim your style and to celebrate the trends of the past. That's why we have created a special collection for each member of the family.

From the modern man to the sophisticated woman , from the trendy teenager to the innocent girl , everyone will find a pair of earrings that matches their style and personality. Even children are not forgotten, with earrings specially designed for their little ears.

The Art of Vintage: Exploring History through Earrings

Vintage is not just a fashion, it is an art . It tells the story of past years , the trends that marked an era and the styles that have stood the test of time. With our collection of 70s earrings, we invite you to take a trip back in time, to explore an era rich in creativity and daring.

The rhinestone flowers , the metal rings , the clips with colorful patterns , every detail of our earrings is a window open to the 70s. We invite you to explore this art of vintage, to rediscover the pleasure of wearing earrings that have a story to tell.

Create your own fashion: Kits to make your own Earrings

If you've always dreamed of creating your own earrings, it's now possible thanks to our creation kits . Whether you're a beginner or an expert in jewelry design, our kits will provide you with everything you need to make unique earrings.

The Return of the Creoles: The Key Earrings of the 70s

In our store we believe that every era has its own fashion icons. And for the 70s, one of the most iconic symbols is undoubtedly the hoop earring.

With their circular shape and elegant simplicity, hoop earrings are a true symbol of retro elegance. In our collection you will find a wide variety of hoop earrings, of all sizes and styles, to suit your taste.

The elegance of White: The Refinement of Pearls and Rhinestones

If the 70s were an explosion of bright colors, white has always maintained its place in the fashion of the time. In our store, you will find many earrings highlighting the purity and elegance of white.

From lustrous white pearls to sparkling shards of rhinestones , these earrings will add a touch of sophistication to any look. Whether you are looking for a pair for a special occasion or for everyday wear, you will surely find what you are looking for in our collection.