70s Shoes

70s shoe collection, a comeback

The essence of 70s style is making a comeback in the fashion world. At us , we are proud to offer a wide range of 70s shoes , from sandals to boots , derbies to sneakers . These shoes , available in different sizes , are suitable for both women and men .

Our offerings range from high-shine black patent leather to comfortable heeled suede boots and more . Vintage shoes have the particularity of combining retro details with the comfort of modern technologies. You can get more information about each pair of shoes by viewing the details of each product.

Premium Leather Vintage Shoes

Our 70s shoes are available in several materials, but one of the most popular is leather . Whether it's patent leather boots , brown leather derbies or natural leather sandals , we have everything you need to complete your vintage look .

Fast delivery and good value for money

Retro Style not only guarantees you great value for money on all 70s shoes , but also fast delivery . Our delivery times vary depending on the country of destination, but we always aim to send your shoes as quickly as possible.

A wide variety of shoes from the 70s

Whether you are looking for women's or men's shoes , we have what you need. Our collection includes disco platform shoes , high heel boots , patent pumps and wedge sandals .

Size and comfort, two key elements

We offer a wide range of sizes to fit every shoe size . Whether you're looking for a small size or a large size, we have the shoe for you. In addition, all our shoes are designed to provide maximum comfort. Heeled ankle boots and boots feature extra padding to ensure optimal comfort throughout the day.

70s shoes at home, a style statement

Finally, at us , we believe that every pair of shoes is a style statement. Whether you're looking to recreate the disco look or add a retro touch to your contemporary style , our 70s shoes are the perfect choice. You can find them in a variety of shades, including classic black, pure white as well as bold red

And if you need more information on any of our pairs of shoes , do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you in finding the ideal shoe to perfect your retro look .

Disco influences: Platform shoes and sandals

The disco movement of the 70s left an indelible impact on the fashion world. At that time, platform shoes and wedge sandals were the norm. Our platform shoes for women and men are available in several sizes and are exceptionally comfortable , despite their height. Patent leather , a popular feature of the era, is used for many of our designs.

Shoes for everyone: boots and ankle boots

Our catalog of shoes from the 70s is vast and varied. We have ankle boots for women and men with heels to suit all tastes. We also offer models, perfect for a casual retro look . Each shoe is carefully described with all relevant details , from material to size .

Vintage shoes and ecology: quality leather

We aspire to make our shoes as environmentally friendly as possible. We use quality leather for our shoes . Patent or suede boots and ankle boots are made with durability and respect for the skin in mind.

Shoes for every occasion: boots, derbies and sandals

Whether you're looking for a shoe for a disco party or simply to add a vintage touch to your everyday outfit, we have what you need. We have heeled boots , comfortable derbies for more casual days and sandals for hot summer days.

Worldwide shipping and fast delivery

We pride ourselves on providing fast delivery to our customers, no matter where they are. Our delivery service takes into account your country of residence and we ensure a reasonable delivery time so that you can enjoy your new shoes as quickly as possible. You will find all the necessary information on delivery times on our site.

Black, white and red: classic 70s style

One of the trends of the 70s was the use of bright, bold colors. Here we offer shoes in classic shades of black , white and red . Whether you opt for black patent boots , white sandals or red pumps , you will find the perfect shoe for your retro look .

70s ballerinas: a comfortable choice

If you prefer shoes without heels , we recommend our ballerinas . In suede or leather , our ballerinas offer exceptional comfort while maintaining a retro style . As with all our shoes , you will find detailed information on size and shoe size for each ballerina model.

A parade of colors: The 70s palette reinterpreted

Black , white and red weren't the only hues in fashion during the 70s. Colors were vibrant, bold and diverse, just like our shoe collection. We offer crisp white boots , bold red sandals and sneakers in timeless black hues. You will also find derbies in earthy tones and boots in pastel colors. No matter your favorite color, you'll discover the shoe that suits your preferences.

Shoes for everyone: sizes for every foot

It's not always easy to find the right size when it comes to shoes . That's why we've made our collection as inclusive as possible. We offer a wide range of sizes for our women's and men 's shoes , from the smallest to the largest. Additionally, we provide detailed information on how to choose the right size .

Disco shoes to relive Saturday night fever

Disco is inseparable from the 70s. For those who want to relive this era or simply embrace its unique style , we have a whole range of disco shoes . From the iconic platform shoe to glitter sandals , you can dance the night away in style and comfort .

Men's outdoor shoes from the 70s: a nod to the past

For men who want to add a vintage touch to their wardrobe, we offer a range of 70s-inspired outdoor shoes . Whether you prefer sturdy boots or casual sneakers , you'll find a shoe to suit your needs in our collection .

Discovering the women’s collection: From sandals to ankle boots

Women were not left out during the 70s and women's fashion of that era was as diverse as it was colorful. Whether you're a fan of heeled sandals , leather boots or comfortable ballet flats , our collection will appeal to you. You'll also find ankle boots and pumps that add a touch of elegance to any outfit.

The importance of comfort: shoes that respect your feet

Comfort is a key element of our shoe collection. Our shoes , whether ankle boots , sandals or sneakers , are designed to be comfortable all day long. We also offer leather and suede shoes that are soft and skin -friendly.

A range of choices: from the classic pump to the bold boot

Tastes differ and at home , we understand that well. That's why our collection ranges from the elegant and classic pump to the bold and eye-catching boot . For fans of more casual styles, we also offer a varied range of Puma sneakers . From boots to ankle boots, including derbies , there is a size for every foot and a style for every personality.

The art of materials: leather, suede and more

The quality of the material is essential when it comes to wearing good shoes. That's why we chose to use the best quality leather and suede for our collection. These materials, known for their resistance and comfort , are perfect for a durable and trendy shoe . From smooth leather boots to soft suede ballet flats , each pair is a work of art.

The details that matter: special attention to each shoe

We know that details can make all the difference. This is why each pair of shoes we offer has been thought out down to the smallest detail. From the height of the platform to the patent finishes, every aspect is taken into account to create a shoe that does not lack style.

Discover our men's shoes: styles for all tastes

We don't forget the men in our collection. From casual Puma sneakers to stylish derbies and sturdy boots , we have a shoe for every occasion. Whatever your preference, whether you are a fan of retro style or resolutely modern, you will discover the pair that matches your style.

Retro femininity: vintage styles for women

Women looking for a retro style will find what they are looking for in our collection. We offer a wide variety of women's shoes , from boots to pumps to ballet flats . Each shoe is designed to reflect femininity and 70s style.

Questions ? Detailed information for each pair of shoes

We understand that choosing the right shoe can be a challenge. That's why we provide detailed information for every pair of shoes we sell. Whether you have questions about size , shoe size or material , you will find all the answers on our site.

Delivery options tailored to your needs

We understand that you want to receive your new pair of shoes as quickly as possible. This is why we offer various delivery method options to meet your needs. Whether you choose standard or express delivery, we are committed to delivering your order as quickly as possible.