20s Costumes

1920s costume: Travel back in time

Travel back to the era of the Charleston , when sequinned flapper dresses and gangster gangs were in vogue. Our 1920s costume collection offers a variety of costumes for men, women and children, available in several sizes.

The magic of 1920s costumes

Feel the excitement of this era with our 1920s costumes . From the classic women 's Charleston style with sequin dress and feathered headband, to the men 's gangster costume with jacket, pants and hat, you're sure to find the perfect outfit for your next themed party. Our costumes are available in all sizes , from XS to XXL .

Costumes for all themes

Are you looking for a specific period costume for a particular theme, like Peaky Blinders or pirates? Whether you're looking for a bright red cabaret costume or a black pirate costume, you'll find plenty of characters and themes to explore in our 1920s fancy dress range. Our costumes are in stock and ready to be shipped.

Accessories to complete your look

Don't miss our costume accessories to complete your look. From the blonde wig to the long gloves, including the black gangster hat, every detail counts to recreate the atmosphere of the Roaring Twenties.

Size is not a problem

Our 1920s costumes are available in a range of sizes for adults and children , ensuring you will find the perfect costume for your themed party. From outfits for girls and boys to fancy dress costumes for men and women, our collection includes sizes from small to XXL.

A range of costumes for all occasions

Our 1920s inspired costumes are ideal for any occasion, whether it's Halloween, a themed party or even a play. Explore our collection to find the perfect suit for you.

Rental and purchase

If you don't need a costume long term, we also offer a costume rental service. This can be an ideal option for those special occasions when you only need the costume for one night.

A unique style

Each costume in our “20s” collection is designed to reflect the unique style of that era. From art deco to flapper fashion, we are committed to providing you with an authentic 1920s experience.

Costumes for everyone

Whether you're a man looking for a peaky blinders style waistcoat and trousers, or a woman who wants to dress flapper style with a pink dress and headband, our range of 20s costumes has something something to offer to everyone. Take a trip back in time with our costumes and celebrate this era in a memorable way.

Come discover our collection

It's time to relive the magic of the 1920s era . With our costumes and accessories you can transform yourself into a character from this fascinating period. Come discover our collection of 1920s costumes and let yourself be transported to an era of glamor and extravagance.

Also discover our range of animal costumes

We haven't forgotten our four-legged friends! Discover our range of 1920s animal costumes. From gangster jackets for dogs to sequin headbands for cats, we have something to dress everyone up for the evening!

The seductive charm of the Roaring Twenties for women

Imbued with the liberated spirit of the Roaring Twenties, women of this period were daring and extravagant. They displayed their femininity with confidence, as evidenced by the characteristic dresses of this period, often decorated with sequins and fringes. These outfits, often complemented by matching headbands and long satin gloves , embody the undeniable glamor of this period.

Daring gangster outfits for men

Inspired by the iconic figures of this decade, such as the Peaky Blinders characters, our costumes for men reflect the strength and audacity of the gangsters of this period. With a well-tailored jacket , coordinating pants and a bold tie, these outfits perfectly capture the mysterious and rebellious aura of the 20s.

Discover our children's collection

Our children 's outfits are inspired by the same elegance and the same playful spirit as our adult costumes. With options for girls and boys , your kids can have fun playing characters from this iconic decade.

Our 1920s costumes suitable for all themes

Whether you're planning a Cabaret party, a Pirates-themed show, or a Peaky Blinders-inspired party, our collection includes a wide range of costumes designed to fit any theme . There are many characters inspired by this decade, and we've worked hard to capture their essence in our costumes.

Take advantage of our rental service

For those who do not wish to purchase, we offer a _Rental service. Whether for a unique themed evening or for a theatrical production, our Rental service allows you to enjoy our magnificent disguises without committing to keeping them.

Explore our range of 1920s accessories

No 20s outfit is complete without the right accessories . From blonde wigs and feathered hats to long pearl necklaces and cigarette holders, we have everything you need to complete your look.

1920s Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a perfect occasion for dressing up and our 1920s costumes are perfect for adding a touch of glamor and mystery to your evening.

Our range of animal costumes

Even your four-legged friends can join in the celebration with our selection of animal costumes. Whether it's a small dog or an imposing cat, we have 1920s-inspired outfits designed especially for them.

A range of varied sizes for a perfect fit

Our collection includes suits to suit all body shapes, whether petite or plus size. Whatever your size , we have a costume that will suit you perfectly.

In stock and ready for shipment

All of our costumes are in stock and ready to ship straight to your door. Don't let your next theme party arrive without having the perfect costume on hand.

Mesmerizing Charleston Outfits to Capture the Vibrant Energy of the Roaring Twenties

Feel the rhythm of the Charleston wash over your body with our beautifully designed flapper dresses . Every detail, from the sparkling sequins to the flared cut, reflects the vivacity and joie de vivre of the women of this exciting era. Don't forget to add a feather embellished headband to complete your look and you'll be ready to dance the night away.

Transport yourself to the Peaky Blinders era with our men's sets

The Peaky Blinders were a gang of notorious gangsters in the 1920s. They were famous for their imposing outfits, including distinctive jackets, pants, vests and hats. Our men 's sets replicate these iconic outfits, allowing you to embody a true Peaky Blinder.

Memorable themed evenings thanks to our 20s outfits

1920s themed parties are a great opportunity to party like you're in another era. Whether it's a daring pirate party or an elegant Cabaret-inspired evening, our outfits will help you create a memorable evening.

Stand out during Halloween festivities

Halloween is a holiday where everything is allowed, including time travel! Our 20s ensembles, whether it's the stylish flapper outfit for a woman or the daring gangster outfit for a man, are perfect for making a splash on that spooky night.

Perfect for every size and age

We understand that everyone is unique, and that's why our 20s outfits come in a variety of sizes for adults and children . Whether you're a tall guy looking for a gangster outfit or a little girl dreaming of dancing the Charleston, we've got you covered.

Add style to your characters with our unique accessories

Complete your 20s outfit with our accessories . From the blonde wig to the long gloves, including the gangster hat and the cigarette holder, every detail counts to recreate the atmosphere of this fascinating decade.

Always in stock and ready for delivery

Never miss a theme party because of a missing costume. All of our 20s sets and accessories are in stock and ready to ship straight to your door. Don't wait, order your 20s outfit now.