60s Costumes

Discover the 60s Costume Collection: An Authentic Hippie Costume

Relive the 60s with our hippie costume . Whether you are a woman or a man , we have the size that suits you. Our costumes are available in various variations ranging from classic costumes to period-inspired disco dresses . To complete your look, don't forget our 60s style wig , ideal for Halloween or any other themed event.

Essential accessories for your 60s Costume

Beyond the costume and dress , we offer a complete range of accessories to complete your disguise. From John Lennon-style glasses to multi-colored headbands , including fringed vests typical of the era, without forgetting the peace and love symbol to complete the hippie look.

Options for the Whole Family: 60s Costume for Adults

Whether you are looking for a suit for men or a dress for women , you will find what you are looking for in our “60s Costume” collection. From size S to XXL, we have what you need.

60s Costume for Children

We have not neglected the youngest thanks to our selection of costumes specially designed for children . From bell bottom pants to floral dresses , your children will love dressing up and exploring the colorful world of the 60s .

Buy Your 60s Costume Today

Take advantage of our free delivery and order today. All of our products are in stock and ready to ship. Consult our ratings and let yourself be convinced by the quality of our costumes . Whatever the price , we guarantee that our 60s costumes will make you relive the era of peace and love .

60s Themed Party Ideas

Whether it's for a carnival , a birthday, Christmas , or a themed evening, a 60s costume is always a great idea. Combine it with suitable decoration , such as multi-colored balloons and vintage posters, and the party will be a success. You could even opt for alternative outfits like a punk or pirate costume for a touch of originality.

Makeup to Complete Your 60s Look

Don't forget makeup to perfect your look. Opt for eyes outlined with black pencil and pink lips for women, and a mustache or beard for men. Complete your outfit with a hat or headband for an authentic 60s look.

Make Your Evenings Unforgettable Memories with Our Carnival Costumes: Perfect for Young and Old

Party Essentials: Costumes for Children and Adults, Balloons and Makeup

To make your parties unforgettable, opt for our carnival costumes for all ages. As an adult , a child , and even for your pets , our costumes will delight everyone. Don't forget balloons to decorate your space and makeup to complete your look.

Create a Unique Atmosphere with Our Themed Costumes: Punk, Disco and Even Pirate, the Choice is Vast

Unique Costumes for Memorable Parties

Our costumes are not limited to the hippie style. Dare to be different with a punk or disco costume, or even a pirate costume . Women will appreciate our multi-colored dresses , while men can opt for wide- leg pants and a patterned shirt .

Discover our Wide Selection of Party Accessories: from Glasses to Hats, including Headbands and Vests

Party Accessories to Complete Your Costume

Perfect your look with our accessories . Choose from a variety of glasses , hats , headbands and vests . For the more daring, our wigs will add the final touch to your costume.

Celebrate Christmas in Beauty with Our Seasonal Costumes: Original Outfits and Matching Accessories for the Whole Family

Christmas Costumes for a Party Like No Other

Make a splash at your Christmas party with our seasonal costumes . From the red dress for women to the Santa costume for men , including disguises for children , your Christmas will be unforgettable. Take advantage of our free delivery on your Christmas orders and receive your items in time for the holiday.

Treat yourself to a dream evening with our Halloween costumes: monsters, witches and even animals, there is something for everyone.

Halloween Costumes for Young and Old

For Halloween , dare to be original with our disguises . Whether you prefer a monster or witch costume, or even a disguise for your pet , you will find what you are looking for with us. Complete your look with terrifying makeup and make a splash at your Halloween party.

Explore our beautiful celebrity outfits and shine on your special nights

Be the Star of the Evening with Our Costumes

Do you dream of stepping into the shoes of a star ? With our disguises , it's possible. Whether it's a sparkling dress for women or a shiny suit for men , you will be the star of the evening. What if you don't just want to add a wig to give your style an even more dramatic touch?

Outfits for All Occasions: Carnival, Christmas, Halloween or Even for a Disco Party, We Have What You Need

Costumes for All Parties

Whatever the occasion, we have the costume you need. For carnival , opt for a colorful and festive costume . For Christmas , choose a red dress or a Santa costume . For Halloween , let yourself be tempted by our scary outfits. And for a disco night , what's better than a shiny suit and a flashy wig ?

Wigs to Complete Your Costume: Long, Short, Colorful, We Have Everything You Need

Wigs for a Complete Look

A wig is the ideal accessory to complete your costume . Whether you are looking for a long wig for a hippie look, a short wig for a punk style, or a colorful wig for a disco evening , you will find what you are looking for in our selection.

Explore the Fascinating Universe of Period Outfits: From Colorful Disco Looks to Rebel Punk Styles, Each Outfit Tells a Story

Get Into the Dance with Our Disco Outfits

Let yourself be carried away by the frantic rhythm of disco! Our sparkly dresses for women and bell bottom pants for men will transport you straight to the 60s dance floor.

Iconic Accessories to Perfect Your Look: Wigs, Glasses and Headbands for an Authentic and Recognizable Style

Hippie Outfit Essentials

Don't forget the iconic accessories of the hippie look: long hair wigs , round glasses and colorful headbands are the centerpieces of this unforgettable style.

Your Child, Star for a Day with Our Dresses and Pants: Outfits Designed for Their Comfort and Pleasure

Little ones also have the right to their own themed outfit

Make your child the star of the day with our themed dresses and pants . Comfortable and fun, they are perfect for any special occasion.

A Journey Back in Time with Our Printed Shirts and Sequined Dresses: Find the Essence of the 60s in Every Piece of Our Collection

Elegance at the Service of Fantasy

Our printed shirts for men and sequined dresses for women reflect the free and colorful spirit of this era. Unique pieces for a memorable look.

The Eccentricity of Punk and Disco Styles at Your Fingertips: Colorful Wigs, Checkered Pants and Sparkling Dresses for a Look Worthy of These Important Eras

Dare to be different with our punk and disco outfits

Revisit the 60s with our colorful wigs , plaid pants and sparkly dresses . Whether you're more punk or disco, we have the outfit you need.

Free Delivery for All Our Items in Stock: Take Advantage of Our Offers and Receive Your Items Directly to Your Home

Take advantage of our Services for Shopping with Peace of Mind

With our free delivery , you can order your favorite items and have them delivered directly to your home. All of our items are in stock and ready to ship. Do not hesitate to consult our ratings to choose with complete confidence.

Express Your Passion for the Era of Peace and Love with Our 60s Inspired Dresses and Pants

Clothes that breathe Love and Freedom

With our dresses and pants inspired by the Peace and Love era, show your passion for an era that marked history. Take advantage of our free delivery to order your favorite items.

Accessorize your Outfits with Our Multicolored Wigs, Round Glasses and Floral Headbands

Add a Touch of Fantasy to Your Outfit with Our Accessories

Our multi-colored wigs , round glasses and floral headbands are the perfect accessory to add a finishing touch to your look. They are available in several sizes to suit everyone, adults and children alike.

Be the Star of the Party with Our Sequin Vests and Patterned Shirts, Perfect for a Disco Night or Theme Party

Shine Bright with Our Sequin Clothing

With our sequined vests and patterned shirts , you will undoubtedly be the star of the evening. Whatever the occasion, you can count on these items to make a grand entrance.

Discover the Pleasure of Dressing Up with Our Outfits for Halloween, Carnival or for a Simple Evening with Friends

Outfits for All Occasions

Halloween , Carnival or a simple evening with friends, every occasion is an excellent reason to dress up. Our sets are available for men , women and children , and even for your pets .

The Art of Disguise Isn't Just for Humans: Discover Our Range of Costumes for Animals

Your Pet also has the right to its Outfit

Let yourself be tempted by our animal costumes ! Whether it's Halloween , Christmas or a simple day at home, your pet will undoubtedly be the star of the day.

Brighten Up Your Events with Our Themed Balloons, Perfect for Completing the Ambiance of Your Disco Evenings or Hippie Parties

Balloons for All Occasions

Whether for a disco evening or a hippie -themed party, our themed balloons are the perfect accessory to complete your decoration and create a festive atmosphere.

Your Look Would Not Be Complete Without Our Iconic Accessories: Headbands, Multicolored Wigs and Peace and Love Vests

The Essentials to Perfect Your Look

Our Peace and Love headbands , multi-colored wigs and vests are essential accessories to perfect your look. Available in several sizes to suit every body shape, they are the perfect expression of the free and carefree spirit of the 60s.

Get Ready for Halloween with Our Spooky Items: Witch Wigs, Ghostly Dresses and Makeup for a Terrifying Look

Everything for an Unforgettable Halloween

Make your friends shiver with our items specially designed for Halloween ! Witch wigs , ghostly dresses and terrifying makeup , you'll have everything you need to create a spooky look.

Children Are Not Left Out With Our Selection of Dresses and Pants Designed for Their Comfort and Fun

Clothing for All Sizes and Ages

Our dresses and pants are designed for children 's comfort and fun. Available in different sizes , they are perfect for letting your little ones join in the fun.

Make Your Evening a Real Party with Our Decorations: Balloons, Streamers and Garlands for a Guaranteed Festive Atmosphere

The Art of Partying down to the Details

Thanks to our balloons , streamers and garlands, transform your evening into a real party. Whatever the theme of your event, our decorations will help create a festive and memorable atmosphere.