70s Costumes

Discover our Collection of 70s costumes

When we think of 70s fashion, images of hippie fancy dress and disco costumes come to mind. Our collection for men and women offers a wide range of these iconic costumes, available in several sizes.

Hippie costumes for women and men

Our range of women's costumes includes a variety of multi-colored dresses in retro 70s style. For men, our hippie ensembles consist of wide-legged pants and tie-dye shirts.

To complete your costume, you can add accessories such as a flower headband, round glasses and an afro wig , all available in our stock.

Disco costume for a decidedly 70s look

Our men's disco costumes come with flared pants and a sequin shirt , perfect for standing out at a themed party. The women weren't left out, with disco outfits including shimmering dresses and sequined jumpsuits .

Sizes and delivery

Whether you're an adult or a child, we have the 70s costume for you. Our selection of costumes is available in different sizes , from children's sizes to large adult sizes. Take advantage of our free delivery service for all orders placed.

Accessories to complete your 70s look

Personalize your costume with our selection of 70s-inspired accessories . Rainbow-colored glasses , flowered headbands , and many other accessories to enrich your outfit.

Rating and price

Each product in our collection has a star rating based on customer reviews. We pride ourselves on offering high quality costumes at a competitive price . Check reviews and ratings to help you choose the perfect costume.

Party in style

Whether it's Halloween, a themed party or carnival, our costumes are guaranteed to make a splash. Don't miss the opportunity to relive the groovy , flower power style of the 70s.

Live an authentic retro experience with our period costumes

Take a step back in time and embody the flower power movement with our retro-inspired costumes. Not only do we offer a wide range of 70s costumes , but we also offer a diversity of styles to satisfy all tastes.

Jumpsuits and pants for a memorable disco evening

It's well known that the 70s were the golden age of disco. Our jumpsuits for women, available in several sizes , are a must-have for any party on this theme. For men, we offer a variety of disco pants , perfect for complementing a shiny suit .

Groovy costumes for girls and boys: introduce your children to the 70s

Who said only adults can have fun? We have a special range of 70s costumes for children . Whether your girl or boy prefers the hippie or disco look, we have what they need to dress them in style for their next fancy dress party .

Transform yourself into a 70s diva with our disco dresses

Do you want to be the queen of the dance floor? Opt for one of our brightly colored disco dresses . Our dresses, available in various sizes, are designed to flatter the figure while providing optimal comfort.

Bring out your flower power side with our floral shirts

Floral patterned shirts were a big trend in the 70s. We have a wide selection of floral shirts for men and women, available in different sizes.

The essential accessories to perfect your 70s look

It's impossible to mention 70s fashion without discussing the iconic accessories of this period. From the afro wig to the round glasses and the flower headband , we have everything you need to complete your costume.

Our retro jackets: the perfect complement to your period costume

When it's a little chilly, a 70s-inspired jacket is the perfect addition to your costume. Our jackets come in a variety of sizes and styles to add that finishing touch to your outfit.

Awaken the spirit of Carnival with our colorful costumes

Whether for Carnival or for a simple fancy dress party, our 70s costumes guarantee you an authentic and colorful look. Choose from our disco costumes, hippie outfits, multi-colored dresses and much more to make a splash at your next event.

Bring disco fashion back to life with our range of shimmering dresses and bell bottoms for a night to remember

Revisit the groovy era of the 70s with our unique collection. Our multi-colored sequin dresses for women are the perfect choice to shine on the dance floor at your themed parties. For men , our bell bottom pants are a must-have for capturing the essence of disco.

Rainbow-colored hippie costumes for children and adults that will brighten up any party

What better way to represent the flower power spirit than rainbow-colored costumes ? We offer a variety of colorful sets, from tunics to pants, for children and adults . With our costumes, every party or carnival will turn into a real festival of colors.

For a disco party, our sequin dresses are the ideal outfit to dance the night away

For those who want to embody the disco diva, our sparkling dresses are made for you. Available in several sizes and different shades, they are guaranteed to make you stand out at your next disco party.

Period accessories: wigs, headbands and glasses to complete your 70s look

No 70s costume is complete without the right accessories. To help you perfect your look, we offer a range of period accessories , from wigs to headbands , not forgetting the iconic glasses of this decade.

With our themed costumes, make your next Halloween an unforgettable retro party

If you're looking for a unique outfit for Halloween , our collection of themed costumes is here for you. From hippie looks to disco outfits, our costumes will set you apart at your next Halloween party.

For carnival, make a splash with our 70s costumes for men, women and children

Carnival is the perfect opportunity to dress up and have fun. Our 70s costumes, available in several sizes for men , women and children , are the perfect choice to give a retro touch to your next carnival.

Immerse yourself in the disco era with our sparkling jumpsuits, the perfect choice for a dance party

Feel the rhythm of the 70s with our jumpsuits that shine brightly. Designed for the modern woman, these jumpsuits come in various sizes and colors, from electric pink to multi-colored. Dazzle at your next disco event and attract all eyes.

Colorful wigs and round glasses, essential accessories to complete your 70s look

No disco outing is complete without the right accessories . Our range of colorful wigs and round glasses add an authentic touch to your look, for a guaranteed journey through time.

Embody the spirit of the 70s with our colorful floral jackets, available for men and women

Relive the trends of the time with our floral jackets . Ideal for men and women looking to add a retro touch to their wardrobe, these jackets are the key to immersing yourself in the 70s vibe.

Transform every carnival into a vibrant 70s celebration with our floral dresses

Make a bold statement at every carnival with our floral dresses . With their colorful patterns and flattering cuts, these dresses are guaranteed to catch everyone's attention.

The perfect choice for Halloween, our bell bottom pants take you back to the past

If you're looking to think outside the box for your next Halloween costume, look no further than our bell bottom pants . Combined with a wide collar shirt, you will perfectly embody the disco look.

Bring a note of originality to your wardrobe with our psychedelic patterned shirts for men and women

The 70s were known for their love of bold, psychedelic patterns. Our patterned shirts are the perfect way to recreate that spirit. Available for men and women , these shirts make an exciting addition to any wardrobe.