70s Decor

Relive the 70s through your decor

The 1970s were a period of radical change in the world of design and decoration . Vintage and retro style have taken an important place, and today, they are making a big comeback . This trend is perfect for bringing a unique touch to your interior .

The power of colors and shapes

Bold, bright colors, like orange and green, and bold geometric shapes were characteristic of ' 70s decor. Wallpaper , furniture and accessories with floral, geometric or psychedelic patterns add a real vintage touch to every space .

The disco atmosphere for a retro decor

Inspired by the disco movement of that era , the decoration of your home can be enriched with touches of shine, mirrors and materials such as glass and metal.

Vintage furniture: the charm of 70s decor

Furniture from this decade often had rounded and sinuous shapes . The typical sofa was often covered in velvet or leather and the coffee table often had organic shapes. The materials were varied: glass , wood, plastic, metal.

Hippie fashion in decor

Inspired by the hippie movement, the '70s decorating style emphasized natural materials, flowers , and psychedelic patterns. This can be great inspiration for creating a relaxing yet nostalgic ambiance in your home .

70s decor for a birthday or party

For a birthday or a party , why not opt ​​for 70s decoration? This trend creates a festive and nostalgic atmosphere . Decor accessories, colors , patterns and furniture can all help evoke this era .

Decorate on a budget

70s decor can be affordable. It only takes a few key pieces to transform a space. Prices for vintage items can vary, but you can often find affordable options.

Home delivery

Our delivery service makes purchasing 70s decoration even easier. Choose your favorite furniture , accessories and wallpapers and have them delivered directly to your home.

The expertise of a decoration professional

Our team of decorating professionals is here to help you create the 70s atmosphere you are looking for. With their knowledge of this era , they can guide you in choosing the colors, materials and patterns that will best suit your space.

Ideas and inspiration for 70s decor

Whether you're a fan of vintage art or simply looking to add a retro touch to your interior , we have a wealth of ideas and inspiration to help you create the 70s decor of your dreams.

A chic look for your home

Give a chic look to your home with vintage touches. The use of color , materials and retro design can transform any space into a welcoming and stylish place, bringing back the atmosphere of the 70s .

Ultimately, 70s decor offers a multitude of possibilities for transforming your interior . Whether you opt for a colorful and bold style , or something more subtle and chic, you're sure to create a space that is both unique and welcoming.

We hope this page will help you find inspiration and the perfect products to create your ideal 70s decor.

When the fashion of the time influences interior design: the impact of flowers and psychedelic patterns?

Fashion from the 70s had a profound influence on interior design. This decade saw an explosion of bold and colorful patterns, particularly florals and psychedelic patterns. These patterns were ubiquitous, found on everything from curtains to flooring, furniture to wallpaper. Today, integrating these patterns into the decoration can bring a bold and vibrant touch to your interior , while giving it a resolutely vintage atmosphere.

Orange: the emblematic color of 70s decor

Orange is undoubtedly the most iconic color of the 70s . From earthy brown to bright orange, this color palette was everywhere in interior design of the time. Today, orange can be used to brighten up a room, give it character or highlight a specific element of the decoration.

The art of recycling and the preference for natural materials

Another characteristic of 70s decor is the use of natural materials . Wood, stone, leather and cotton were commonly used in the design of furniture and decorative accessories . In addition, the art of recycling was very popular at this time, which translates into the use of recycled materials and the creation of unique and personalized objects.

The return of wallpaper: a key trend in 1970s decor

The use of wallpaper was another major feature of 70s decor. With bold, colorful designs, wallpaper was an easy way to add personality to a room. Today, the return of wallpaper allows you to recreate the vintage aesthetic of the 70s.

The importance of the living room in 70s decor

The living room was the heart of the house in the 70s , and its decoration was therefore essential. Large, comfortable furniture , such as the sofa , was the norm, often accompanied by thick, plush rugs. Bright colors and bold patterns were also commonly used to bring this space to life.

Birthday or party: how to create a successful 70s atmosphere

For a birthday or a party , a 70s decor can be an excellent idea. Between the bright colors , psychedelic patterns and retro accessories , you have everything you need to recreate the unique atmosphere of this era . Don't forget to add a disco music playlist to complete the atmosphere!

Trust a professional for your 70s decor

If you feel overwhelmed by all the possibilities offered by 70s decor, why not call a professional ? They can help you choose the right colors , materials , furniture and accessories , respecting your budget and personal taste.

How to integrate 70s decor into a modern interior?

If you like vintage style, but don't want your home to look like a museum, a decorating professional can help you integrate 70s elements into a modern interior. It can be as simple as adding a few accessories , like patterned cushions, or choosing an iconic piece of furniture from the era, like a velvet sofa .

A journey through time: from inspiration to 70s decor ideas

70s decoration is more than just a trend, it's a real journey back in time. By taking inspiration from this era , you can create a home that not only looks great, but also tells a story. Whether you choose to recreate the full ambiance or simply add a few vintage touches, 70s decor offers a multitude of ideas and inspirations to transform your interior.