Hippie vests

Hippie Vest: A Unique Collection to Discover

Hippie vest , the ultimate costume piece. When we think of hippie , we imagine a vest of a fairly large size , colorful, often with fringes, perhaps even crochet or cotton. With its careful details, this garment is the essential accessory for any 60s-themed costume .

This collection includes a selection of hippie vests for men and women, offering costumes for adults, but also for children. Discover our wide range of products, all available in stock. Do not hesitate to consult the reviews left by our customers to help you get an idea of ​​the product that arouses your interest.

Boho Decor: A Range of Possibilities

Are you looking to create a bohemian table decoration for a birthday or wedding? Opt for crochet or cotton decorations with fringe details to add a vintage touch. Flowers are also a good idea to bring your table to life. Also use candles to create a soft and romantic atmosphere.

Consider decorating the walls with flower garlands, dream catchers or fringed hangings. Balloons can also add a festive atmosphere to your room.

Prices and Delivery: Offers not to be missed

Regarding the price of our products, you can consult the price list available on our website. You will undoubtedly find a hippie vest at an affordable price , as well as several accessories to complete your costume. We even offer free delivery on certain orders.

Item Details and Information

For each item, we provide detailed information on size , material (cotton, crochet, etc.), design details (fringe, colors, etc.), and much more. You can also check customer reviews to get more information.

Costume Ideas for Different Occasions

Whether you are looking for a costume for Halloween, Christmas, a birthday, a baptism, or even for Valentine's Day, our store offers a wide choice of hippie vests for all events. Children's costumes are also available, with a selection of items as varied as for adults.

Accessories and More

Complete your look with a selection of accessories such as round glasses typical of the 60s, a wig with long wavy locks or even natural pearl jewelry.

In addition, discover our wide range of containers for sweets which can be used as gifts for your guests.

Order and Stock

To order, simply add the product to your shopping list. Stock information is updated in real time. Additionally, as a store, we strive to provide quality customer service and fast delivery.

Enjoy your shopping experience on our site and discover the many facets of hippie style with our collection of vests and accessories for adults and children.

Personalize Your Party with Our Hippie Costume Collections

Planning a birthday or baptism with a boho theme? Put on your hippie vest , put on your round glasses and bring an authentic touch with a long, wavy hair wig . Our quality costumes , available in different sizes for men , women and children , will make your party a memorable event.

Plus, don't forget the party accessories! Whether it's a birthday or a christening , we have a wide selection of colorful balloons, charming bows and soft cotton napkins to beautify your room.

Unique Gifts and Wedding Souvenirs

Want to surprise your guests at your bohemian wedding ? Give them memorable gifts in charming containers . The sugared almonds that we offer are sweet and colorful candies that are an ideal gift to express your gratitude to your guests. Additionally, they can be used to beautify your table as an additional decorative element.

Discover Our Vintage Hippie Clothing

In addition to vests , we also offer a wide variety of hippie jackets . In soft cotton or crochet decorated with flowers , our jackets are the ideal piece to complete your bohemian look. And remember, a perfect waist is the key to a beautiful figure.

Celebrate Christmas and Halloween in the Hippie Spirit

If you want to be original for Christmas or Halloween , why not adopt the hippie style? A hippie Santa Claus costume or a bohemian witch costume for Halloween , that's something out of the ordinary!

And for children , we have a special selection of costumes for these occasions. With our costumes, they will be able to dress up and fully enjoy these holidays.

Fast Shipping and Delivery

We strive to ensure fast and free delivery so you can receive your gifts , costumes and accessories in time for your event. Our goal is to provide you with a pleasant and hassle-free shopping experience.

Your Satisfaction, Our Priority

Every opinion of our customers matters to us. That's why we are committed to high quality items, efficient shipping and attentive customer service. We hope you will find what you are looking for in our store .

Prepare Your Shopping List

Discover our entire collection and add your favorite items to your list . Whether you are looking for a vest , a costume, accessories , or tableware for your event, we have what you need.

A world of accessories to enhance your vest

Did you know that a vest can be beautifully transformed with well-chosen accessories ? Add a pair of round John Lennon sunglasses , a flowing wig in natural shades, or a floral bandana for a perfectly boho look. Our accessories are available for men , women and even children .

The finishing touch could be a natural cotton bow tie or a brown leather belt decorated with flowers . Browse our store to discover these accessories that can transform your cardigan and give you an authentic bohemian experience.

Christmas and Halloween: original disguises for all occasions

Planning a party for Christmas or Halloween ? Dare to think outside the box! Why not try a boho -inspired costume for those special occasions?

Imagine a Santa Claus with a natural cotton vest and a hat decorated with flowers or a vampire wearing round glasses and a jacket with colorful patterns. For Halloween , a witch costume with a crochet fringed vest would be truly unique.

And for the little ones, we have a selection of children 's costumes that will make everyone smile.

Prepare your wedding in style: bohemian decor

Nothing can match the charm and simplicity of a bohemian wedding . Wedding is the perfect time to show off your taste for bohemian style. Start by choosing the perfect vest for your wedding outfit, whether for men or women .

Next, think about the decoration . You can create a cozy atmosphere with scented candles , fresh flowers and colorful balloons . For the table , opt for stoneware crockery and cotton napkins .

And for gifts for your guests, think about our containers for sweets . You can fill them with sweets or little surprises that reflect your love for boho style.

Free delivery: your purchases with complete peace of mind

Make your purchases with complete peace of mind thanks to our free delivery service. Whether you order a vest , accessories for your costume or gifts for your guests, we make sure your items reach you quickly and at no extra cost.

The boutique dedicated to boho style offers a complete range of products for all your events

Our store is your one-stop-shop for all your bohemian necessities. Whether you're planning a wedding , birthday , baptism or any other special occasion, you'll find everything you need here. From the decoration for your room to the costumes for the guests, we have everything you need to make your event an unforgettable moment.