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Explore your hippie side with our “Happy Hippie” collection

Escape into a world of casual hippie fashion with our “Happy Hippie” collection. Every dress , every tunic and every shirt exudes the boho chic that has always been associated with women's fashion .

Bohemian clothes for every woman

Whether your size is small or large, we have clothes for every woman . Each garment is available in different sizes , and if your usual size is not in stock , we will do our best to order it for you.

Choose from a diverse range of clothing

Our collection includes not only dresses , but also tunics , shirts , pants , and even shorts . Each garment is designed to be comfortable, chic and totally bohemian .

High quality women's clothing

We firmly believe that quality is essential. That's why all of our clothing is made from soft, durable, high-quality cotton . Whether you choose a dress , shirt or blouse , you can be sure it will last.

Hippie-inspired designs

Each garment in our “Happy Hippie” collection is printed with vibrant designs, ranging from bright colors to delicate florals . Our designs are inspired by vintage fashion , hippie and contemporary ethnic trends.

Take advantage of unbeatable prices and discounts

At “Haut Hippie”, we believe that boho fashion should be accessible to everyone. That's why we offer our clothing at affordable unit prices , with regular discounts for our loyal customers. Each sale is an opportunity for you to get a good deal.

Free delivery and easy returns

We offer free delivery on all of our clothing . Plus, if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, returning it is easy and hassle-free. Our goal is to make your shopping experience with us an enjoyable one from start to finish.

Get ready for the festival with our hippie fashion

Our clothing is perfect for all festivals . With their comfortable length , floral design and hippie vibe, they are sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Come visit our store and find your new favorite festival outfit.

Fashion trends at “Haut Hippie”

Follow the latest hippie fashion trends with our “Haut Hippie” collection. Whether you're looking for a new dress or a skirt , we've got what you need to stay on top of fashion.

Availability and stock

Our hippie clothing is always in high demand. Check our stock regularly so as not to miss the latest arrivals. With a wide range of colors and styles available , you're sure to find something you'll like.

In short, our “Haut Hippie” boutique is the ultimate destination for all women looking for quality hippie clothing . From dresses and blouses to pants and shorts , we have everything you need to rock a boho chic look.

Discover the richness of the printed details of our pieces

Immersed in the world of hippie chic , we designed each dress , each blouse and each tunic with particular attention to printed details. Our floral patterns bring a touch of nature to your style, while our ethnic prints transport you to faraway lands. We believe in expressing individuality through color and pattern, and this is reflected in every piece in our collection.

The irresistible charm of black and white in our “Haut Hippie” collection

In our “Haut Hippie” collection, we celebrated the timeless power of black and white colors . These pieces are both chic and versatile, able to adapt to any occasion. Whether it's a dressy black dress or a casual white shirt , each item features a flattering silhouette for all sizes and highlights every woman 's natural beauty.

Live the unique experience of our pieces of various sizes

Our selection includes a diversity of dimensions for every woman . We strive to provide clothing that honors and celebrates all shapes and sizes. From petite to plus size , we've made sure every woman can find the perfect piece to suit her in our collection.

The vibrancy of colors in our range of tops

Embrace the rainbow with our bright and colorful tops . With a diverse range of colors to choose from, you can express your mood and personality in a bold and vibrant way. Our colorful shirts and blouses are the ultimate expression of bohemian and hippie .

Immerse yourself in the vintage fascination of our collection

Each dress , skirt and blouse in our “Haut Hippie” collection is imbued with the spirit of vintage . This style, reminiscent of days gone by, gives a pleasant feeling of nostalgia and adds a touch of originality to your wardrobe. With flowing silhouettes, balloon sleeves and lace details, our vintage collection brings the beauty of the past into the present.

Incredible offers, unique prices for an exceptional shopping experience

Sales are our favorite time of year. We offer our customers competitive unit prices , and during our discount periods, these prices become even more attractive. We invite you to discover our incredible offers and enjoy quality at unbeatable prices .

Free delivery, simplified returns: your satisfaction is our priority

The purchasing experience at “Haut Hippie” does not end with the sale . We offer free shipping for every woman who purchases from us. Plus, if you change your mind, returning is simple and hassle-free.

Vibrate to the rhythm of festivals with our style

Whether you're going to a music festival or an outdoor party, our 'Haut Hippie' collection has something for you. From mini to maxi length , our dresses , skirts and shorts are designed to allow you to move freely while remaining chic .

Our store, a celebration of the hippie trend

Our store is more than a place to sell clothes. It's a celebration of the hippie . With every dress , skirt or shirt you buy, you take a little bit of the hippie spirit home with you.

Variety of sizes available, so every woman can find her perfect piece

No matter your usual size , our range of available sizes is designed for you. Whether you are looking for a dress , a skirt or a blouse , every woman will find the piece that suits her in our “Haut Hippie” collection.

Showcase your free spirit with our floral dresses

Embody the true spirit of the hippie with our floral dresses . These ethereal pieces feature sumptuous floral designs that capture the essence of bohemian . Ranging from delicate florals to bold prints , our dresses reflect the free spirit and love of nature that characterized the hippie movement. Each dress is a statement of an independent and carefree woman .

Express your uniqueness with our boho tunics

Every female individual has a uniqueness that deserves to be reflected in her clothing. Our boho tunics are the epitome of self-expression. With their wide range of colors and variety of sizes available , our tunics are designed for every woman who wants to assert her individuality.

Enhance your outfit with our printed tops

Our printed tops are a must-have for any woman looking to add a touch of sparkle to her outfit. Whether it's a delicate floral patterned shirt or a blouse with a bold ethnic print , these tops are fashion statements in their own right.

Be bold with our range of hippie pants and shorts

For women who prefer a more casual outfit, our range of hippie pants and shorts is what you need. Whether you're looking for comfortable wide-leg pants or stylish shorts for the summer, our options are varied to satisfy all your desires.

Take advantage of our unbeatable prices and generous discounts

We know that quality has a price , but we also believe that bohemian chic style should be accessible to everyone. This is why our goal is to present competitive unit prices for all our parts. Plus, keep an eye out for our regular discounts to score real deals.

Sizes for everyone, so that every woman finds her comfort

We firmly believe that every woman has the right to feel comfortable and confident in her outfit. That's why we provide a wide selection of sizes for all of our pieces. Whether you need a regular size or a larger size, you'll find the perfect piece for you in our store .

Free delivery and easy returns, for a hassle-free shopping experience

We are committed to providing you with as pleasant a shopping experience as possible. That's why we offer free shipping on every order, and if you change your mind, the returns process is simple and easy.

Enjoy the vintage chic of our selection of skirts

For those who appreciate retro elegance, our vintage skirts are a must-have choice. With their timeless charm and delicate details, these skirts are the very essence of vintage chic. Each skirt is a piece of fashion history, ready to be worn and loved by a new generation of women .

Get into the festival atmosphere with our boho chic pieces

No festival outfit would be complete without a piece from our boho chic range. Whether it's a flowy dress or an airy blouse , each piece is designed to help you dance the night away in comfort. Our festival range is an anthem to joie de vivre and a free spirit.

Experience the charm of the “Haut Hippie” boutique

Much more than a simple boutique , “Haut Hippie” is a true sanctuary for lovers of the hippie style. With each visit, you'll discover new to-die-for pieces, all available at affordable prices . So why wait? Come and discover the “Haut Hippie” experience today.

Discover the comfort of our cotton

Cotton is the fabric of choice for many women thanks to its breathability and comfort. That's why we've incorporated cotton into many of the pieces in our selection, ensuring maximum comfort throughout the day.

Feel the trend with every piece

Every dress , tunic and blouse we offer is carefully designed to be on trend . Our range reflects the beauty and uniqueness of the hippie movement, while adding a modern touch for today's women .

Incredible prices in EUR

For our international customers, we are pleased to announce that all our prices are quoted in EUR . We are delighted to offer our customers from all over the world the opportunity to experience beauty and boho chic at incredibly low prices . Take advantage of our discounts to live the “Haut Hippie” experience without breaking the bank.