50s Skirts

The Retro Style skirt collection: a return to the 50s

The skirt , the centerpiece of women's wardrobe, is reinterpreted in our “50s Skirt” collection. These vintage- inspired skirts combine elegance and modernity. Revisit the 50s by choosing from our selection, available in several sizes for all women .

The Rockabilly look: the 50s skirt

Rockabilly , the flagship movement of the 50s , is found in our pencil skirts or swing skirts . Whether you're more rock'n'roll or more angelic , our skirts will bring a retro touch to your outfit. They are also available in a dress version for a complete look.

We offer a huge selection of skirts and dresses at affordable prices

Our list of vintage skirts and dresses fits all budgets. Each skirt or dress is available at an affordable price , and shipping is free ! The price of each piece is clearly indicated in EUR .

A flood of colors and patterns

Our collection offers skirts and dresses in various shades such as black , red and various patterns such as flowers or polka dots . Some models in stock also offer starry patterns for a cosmic look!

Skirts and dresses for every occasion

Whether for a Halloween party , a Christmas dinner or simply to adopt a retro look every day, our skirts and dresses are suitable for every occasion. Choose from our costumes and disguises , combining strappy skirts , pleated skirts and tulle petticoats .

Steampunk: a retro-futuristic trend

If you like steampunk fashion, you will find mid- length ( midi ) or knee-length skirts , for a futuristic vintage look. For a volume effect, do not hesitate to add a petticoat under your skirt .

The tutu: an exceptional skirt

The tutu , another iconic look, is also present in our collection. This light skirt , ideal for evening wear, will give you the look of a prima ballerina. In black for a rock look or in red for a touch of color, the tutu is an essential.

The rock and fashion spirit in our collection

Our rock- inspired skirts and dresses are perfect for women who want to express their personality. They can be combined with a leather jacket and ankle boots for a total rock look. In terms of fashion , we also offer skater skirts for a more casual look.

The sale of our vintage pieces

Each skirt and dress in our collection is for sale on our site. We regularly update our stock to offer you new products. Online sales allow you to buy our parts easily and benefit from free delivery .

The 50s skirt : an emblematic piece of the retro look. Join the list of women who have adopted the vintage look thanks to our collection. Retro fashion is always in the spotlight here. Adopt a 50s skirt or dress and bring back the glamor of bygone years .

A retro homage to rockabilly icons in the modern woman

The '50s were a time when rock 'n' roll icons ruled the airwaves. The women of this era, strong and daring, served as models for our collection. Their influence can be seen in our dresses and costumes which bring this exciting period to life. The mix of retro and rock creates a modern woman with a vintage soul.

Our costumes and disguises: Perfect for Halloween and Christmas

With Halloween approaching, think about our costumes and disguises . They combine the finesse of retro with the festive side of Halloween . For Christmas , let yourself be tempted by our dazzling red dresses or our outfits with starry details. Your festive outfit will never have been so vintage and trendy.

Steampunk: a futuristic touch in your vintage wardrobe

Steampunk is a vintage movement that fuses elements of the past and the future. Our steampunk pieces are unique and create a woman who embraces the future while paying homage to the past. From puffy petticoats to structured dresses , steampunk is a bold addition to any vintage wardrobe.

Free delivery and hassle-free returns on all your orders

We offer free delivery on all your orders. You can try on our dresses and suits from the comfort of your home."If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you have the option to return it at no additional cost. Shop with confidence, because We attach paramount importance to your satisfaction.

Dresses for all women and all sizes

We firmly believe in empowering all women to feel beautiful and confident. This is why we provide a full range of sizes to meet all needs. Whether you're looking for a bodycon pencil dress or a loose swing dress , you'll find the perfect size for you.

Our tulle and tutu dresses: elegance in lightness

Light and airy, tulle is the ideal fabric for creating elegant dresses . Our tulle and tutu dresses are both refined and playful. They are ideal for special events, while also being suitable for everyday use to add a touch of glamour.

Black charm: a timeless classic

Black is a timeless color that embodies elegance. Our black dresses and suits are sophisticated and versatile. Whether you're looking for a black pencil dress for the office or a black swing dress for a night out, black is always a stylish option.

Online sales: vintage shopping at your fingertips

With our online sales platform, buying vintage dresses and suits has never been easier. You can view our current stock , compare prices in EUR and place your order in just a few clicks. With our free delivery , your purchases will be delivered straight to your door.

Rock in all its guises

Our collection draws on the bold aesthetic of 50s rock . From rockabilly dresses to pencil dresses , each piece reflects our love for this fascinating era. Rock isn't just music, it's a lifestyle, and our collection allows you to express your love for rock in your wardrobe.

The elegance of flower and polka dot patterns in a vintage atmosphere

Flowers and polka dots have always been staples of vintage designs. We use these patterns in innovative ways to create eye-catching pieces that honor the 1950s . Flower patterns bring a touch of femininity and freshness, while polka dots add a dose of nostalgia and charm.

The art of the petticoat and its impact on the retro look

The petticoat is an essential element that defines the retro silhouette. By adding volume and shape, the petticoat can transform a simple outfit into a spectacular look. Whether you choose a tulle petticoat for a romantic look or a more structured petticoat for a sophisticated look, this understated element can make all the difference.

A memorable Halloween with our vintage suggestions

We know Halloween is the perfect opportunity to have fun with fashion . We offer you pieces inspired by the 50s that will allow you to celebrate Halloween in style. Whether you prefer a bold look with a costume or a more subtle look with themed accessories, we have you covered.

The advantages of our free delivery service

We are proud to offer free delivery on all our orders. This means you can shop at your own pace, without having to worry about any additional fees. Our delivery service is characterized by its speed, reliability and user-friendliness. You can place orders for your favorite items without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Why choose the color black in your vintage clothing collection?

Black is a classic color that suits all occasions. In our selection, we use the color black to design pieces that combine elegance and boldness. Whether you're looking for a subtle piece for the office or a statement piece for a night out, black is always a stylish option.

Star patterns: a nod to the golden age of Hollywood

Stars have always been synonymous with glamor and fame. In our collection we use star designs to pay homage to the golden age of Hollywood. Whether on a petticoat or an accessory, starry patterns add a touch of glamor to every piece.

The perfect size for every figure

We believe that all women deserve to feel beauty and confidence in their clothes. Whether you're short or tall, slim or curvy, you'll find the perfect size for you in our collection.