70s Skirts

The 70s skirt, a timeless vintage piece

The 70s skirt is a vintage piece that every woman should have in her closet. It brings a unique retro look and is often available in a variety of patterns , from pleated to floral . Whether wool for the winter months or cotton for the summer, a 70s skirt suits every season.

Our fashion from the 70s to Old style

We offer a variety of 70s skirts to satisfy all women looking for a vintage look. Whether you are more of a hippie , flowers , checks or polka dots , you will find the skirt that suits you. Our dresses are also a great choice to complete your 70s look .

Find your size and enjoy fast delivery

We offer different sizes for our 70s skirts and dresses . Additionally, we provide fast delivery to many countries . To find out the price of delivery , simply consult the information on the product concerned.

Our skirts and dresses in silk, cotton and wool

Our 70s skirts and dresses are made from various quality materials such as silk , cotton and wool . Each material brings a unique feel and different style to your look .

Retro Style: the choice of quality at affordable prices

We pride ourselves on offering quality clothing at affordable prices . Our skirts and dresses are available from several price points , giving you a wide range of choices. In addition, delivery is often free for certain purchase amounts.

Power flower pants, another icon of the 70s

In addition to our bottoms and dresses , we also offer a selection of flower power pants . These floral patterned pants are another 70s staple.

Our offer of skirts and dresses in cashmere, velvet and crochet

We also offer skirts and dresses in cashmere , velvet and crochet . These materials bring a touch of luxury to your 70s look .

Our recommendations for a successful 70s look

To perfect your style , we also offer recommendations for pairing your 70s skirt or dress . Whether with a belt to cinch the waist, or with a brown sweater for an autumnal look, you will find many ideas to inspire you.

Choose your colors: from beige to red

Our skirts and dresses are available in a variety of colors , ranging from beige to red . Whatever your favorite color, our 70s collection is sure to have something you'll love.

Checked and polka dot skirts: a look back at timeless fashion

70s charm wouldn't be complete without the famous plaid and polka dot skirts . These patterns, as unique as they are popular, reflect a bygone fashion that has not aged a bit. With us, these timeless pieces are available in multiple variations to please every woman . An overview of these fashion icons is therefore essential.

The softness of velvet and the finesse of cashmere at the service of our skirts

The selection of our velvet and cashmere skirts is an invitation to rediscover the comfort and elegance of the 70s . These noble and delicate materials bring a touch of authenticity to each piece, making each of them a true jewel of the vintage fashion . Discover our unique offer and let yourself be seduced by the soft contact of these exceptional materials.

The key colors of our 70s skirts : brown , red and beige

Brown , red and beige are colors that marked the 70s . They bring a warm and refined tone to our skirts , echoing this colorful and vibrant decade. Whether flower patterns or plain skirts , these shades are always present in our collection to offer you a wide choice.

The elegance of the midi skirt of the years 70

The midi skirt , typical of the 70s , perfectly embodies the elegance and femininity of this era. Whether pleated , wool or cotton , it is distinguished by its mid-length cut which subtly highlights the silhouette. Its ideal length makes it a versatile piece, easy to combine with other items in your wardrobe.

Our hippie skirts: the expression of flower power

Our hippie skirts are a vibrant celebration of flower power . They are decorated with flower patterns, iconic symbols of carefreeness and freedom of the 70s . They are available in a variety of sizes and materials, from cotton to silk , to suit all preferences.

Discover our collection of cotton skirts: a very soft material

Cotton is a material prized for its softness and comfort. We offer an extensive collection of cotton skirts for all women looking to combine comfort and elegance. Whether pleated , flower -patterned or floral , our cotton skirts are the promise of incomparable well-being.

Choose from our wool skirts : warmth and comfort guaranteed

Wool is a naturally warm and comfortable material. Our wool skirts are therefore the ideal choice for women looking to stay elegant while staying warm. Explore our range and let yourself be charmed by the softness and warmth of the natural fiber that is wool .

Free delivery : a special Retro Style offer

At Retro Style , we understand that the shopping experience doesn't end once you've found your favorite piece. That's why we offer free delivery on a selection of our skirts and pants . So you can make your purchases with complete peace of mind, without having to worry about delivery costs.

Flower power pants: the trend that never goes out of style

The flower power pants are another iconic piece of the 70s . With their floral patterns, they embody the free and carefree spirit of this decade. Available in various sizes and colors, it is the perfect expression of hippie fashion.

Floral skirts: the timeless charm of the 70s

The floral skirt is a strong symbol of the 70s . With its colorful and joyful patterns, it reflects the optimism and joie de vivre of that era. We offer a wide range of floral skirts for anyone who wants to add a touch of cheerfulness to their wardrobe.

Patterned skirts : a real journey through time

Patterned skirts are essential for any lover of 70s fashion. They are the expression of boundless creativity and a taste for color which characterize this decade. You will find a wide selection of patterned skirts to revive the nostalgia of the 70s .

Recommendations : How to Wear Your 70s Skirt

Wearing a 70s skirt is an art. It's about knowing how to combine it with the right accessories and clothing to create a harmonious ensemble. Our recommendations will help you bring out the best in your skirt , whether it is pleated , floral or polka dot .

Cashmere, silk or cotton: each skirt has its own material

Each material has its own characteristics that make it unique. Whether cashmere , silk or cotton , each skirt in our collection offers a different tactile experience. Select the material that best suits your preferences and comfort level.

Velvet and crochet: materials that make the difference

Velvet and crochet are two materials that add a touch of originality to our skirts . Their particular texture and visual appearance make each skirt a unique piece. Discover our selection of velvet and crochet skirts for a truly extraordinary outfit.

Our prices: accessibility at the heart of our commitment

We strive to make vintage fashion accessible to a wide audience. That's why we offer our skirts at fair and affordable prices . No matter your budget, you're sure to find a skirt that suits your tastes among our varied selection.

Travel through time with our 70s revisited in silk

Silk is a prestigious and opulent material that has survived through the ages without losing its luster. It gives a note of refinement and grace to our creations which are inspired by the 70s . Available in a varied palette of shades ranging from beige to red , each silk piece in our collection is a true homage to this iconic era.

The belt: the essential accessory to perfect your look

The belt is the perfect accessory to enhance an outfit inspired by the 70s . Whether wide, thin, in velvet or cotton , the belt highlights the waist and structures the silhouette. Discover our selection of belts that will perfectly match your favorite pieces.

Bring back the flower power era with our cotton collection

Cotton , a natural and comfortable material, is at the heart of our collection inspired by flower power . Each piece available in cotton is a true hymn to love and freedom, key values ​​of the 70s . Whether it is a floral or polka dot piece, our cotton is soft to the touch and pleasant to wear.

Explore the richness of our pleated range : an ode to femininity

Pleating is a sewing technique that marked the 70s . Whether on a wool or cotton skirt, pleating adds volume and movement, for a look that is both chic and casual. Discover our range of pleated pieces and succumb to the timeless charm of this technique.

70s pants : a flower power essential

The pants also have their place in our collection dedicated to the 70s . With their wide cut and floral patterns, they are the perfect expression of flower power . It is available in different materials, including silk and cotton , and will suit all women looking for a comfortable and trendy piece.

Exceptional offers to take advantage of free delivery

We want to make your shopping experience as pleasant as possible. This is why we regularly offer you offers allowing you to benefit from free delivery . This way, you can enjoy without having to worry about the costs associated with delivery .