70s Sweaters

The 70s Vintage Sweater Collection

Welcome to our collection of vintage sweaters inspired by 70s fashion . At Style Rétro , we offer you authentic and retro pieces that immerse you in the inimitable style of this era. Jackets , cardigans , hoodies , all our clothing is available in different sizes for men and women.

Vintage and Retro: A Journey Back in Time

At Retro Style , we are constantly seeking to offer you clothing that reflects the iconic style of the 70s . From the classic sweatshirt to the knitted sweater , each piece is carefully chosen for its quality and authenticity. And of course, we don't forget the cardigan , a must-have for the retro look .

A Hippie Style for Men and Women

Are you looking to recreate the 70s hippie look ? You are in the right place. From long skirts to wide-collared shirts and hooded sweaters , we have everything you need to adopt this bold and timeless style.

Special Offer on Knitted Sweaters

We are proud to present its range of knitted sweaters . Made from wool and cotton , these sweaters offer you a chic and comfortable look. Women and men , take advantage of our special offer to treat yourself to a real retro sweater .

Retro Style: Where Style Meets Quality

In addition to our passion for vintage style , we attach great importance to the quality of our products. Each sweater , cardigan , sweatshirt or dress is made from quality wool or sustainable cotton .

Free Delivery for All Orders

We know you can't wait to receive your new vintage clothes . This is why our store offers free delivery for all your orders. Take advantage of this offer to complete your wardrobe with our sweaters , cardigans , hoodies , dresses and skirts .

The Perfect Gift Idea

Giving a vintage gift is always a good idea. Whether for a birthday , a wedding or simply to please, a retro sweater , a dress or a skirt from our collection will always cause a sensation.

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The Cardigan: A Key Piece of the Retro Look

The cardigan is a 70s wardrobe essential. With its V-neck and buttons on the front, it's the perfect mix of casualness and elegance. Men and women can easily integrate a cardigan into their outfit for a guaranteed vintage style. Additionally, these products come in a variety of sizes and shades to suit all preferences.

Hooded Sweatshirt: Comfortable and Trendy Retro Fashion

The hoodie , a great classic from the 70s , is ideal for a casual vintage look. Men and women looking to add a casual touch to their style will love our hoodies. Their soft and warm wool makes them ideal for colder seasons.

The Versatility of the Hoodie

Not only are hoodies comfortable, but they are also extremely versatile. They can be worn with pants for a casual outfit, or with a skirt for a more dressy look .

Cotton Clothing: Comfort and Durability

We know how important it is to have comfortable and durable clothing . That's why many of our items are made from cotton , a breathable and durable material that will allow you to enjoy your vintage clothing for many years.

Add Style to Your Wardrobe with Our Retro Skirts

Skirts are another essential piece of 70s style . Whether you prefer long, flowing skirts for a hippie look or short, fitted skirts for a more chic look , you will definitely find what you are looking for in our collection.

The Influence of Hippie Style on 70s Fashion

Hippie style had a major influence on 70s fashion . From baggy pants to colorful shirts , clothing from this era reflected the free, carefree spirit of hippie culture.

Openwork Knits: A Symbol of Femininity

Openwork knitted clothes were very popular with women in the 70s . Due to their delicacy, these accessories bring a feminine touch to any clothing ensemble. Today, they remain a great way to add a touch of vintage style to your wardrobe.

Our Vintage Vests: Add a Touch of Style to Your Outfit

Our jackets are another great option for those who want to bring a touch of retro charm to their clothing collection. Whether you choose a wool vest for winter or a cotton vest for summer, you're sure to find a vest that matches your style .

Vintage Gifts for Men and Women

Our vintage clothing makes great gifts for all retro fashion lovers. Whether for a birthday , a wedding or any other special occasion, a gift from our collection will always be appreciated.

Retro Style: A Brand that Commits

We pride ourselves on offering clothing that not only has style , but is also high quality. All our clothes are made with care and attention to offer you the best in retro fashion . In addition, we offer free delivery for all your orders, regardless of the amount in your basket.

The Art of Knitting: At the Heart of Our 70s Creations

The art of knitting has long been at the heart of vintage fashion . Knitting is a real skill that requires time and precision, which is what makes it beautiful. Here we offer a variety of knitted sweatshirts and cardigans for men and women . Made from soft, warm wool , these garments are perfect for keeping you warm while adding a retro touch to your outfit.

Vintage Jackets: An Extra Layer of Style

Our jackets are another option for those looking to add a touch of vintage style to their wardrobe. Whether with wool or cotton materials, our jackets come in a range of styles and colors to suit all preferences. They are the extra layer of style that will make the difference.

Retro Shirts: A Men's Wardrobe Essential

Men who appreciate retro style will be seduced by our selection of vintage shirts . Whether you prefer wide collar shirts for a casual look , or more fitted shirts for a more chic look , you will definitely find what you are looking for in our collection.

The Golden Age of Openwork Cardigans

Openwork cardigans marked the fashion of the 70s . They add a note of delicacy and elegance to any outfit, whether feminine or not. Here we offer a variety of openwork cardigans that will help you recreate that iconic retro look .

Vintage Sweatshirts: Everyday Comfort

Our sweatshirts are the perfect representation of comfort and simplicity. Whether you prefer hoodies or classic sweatshirts , these vintage pieces are ideal for casual dressing.

Vintage Vests: The Essence of Retro Chic

Vintage vests are the essence of retro chic. Whether they are wool or cotton , our vests are designed to bring you comfort and style . They can be worn over a shirt for a sophisticated look, or over a sweatshirt for a more casual outfit.

Retro Pants: For a Statement Silhouette

Retro pants were a fashion staple of the '70s . Whether it's bell bottoms or high-waisted pants, these pieces are perfect for those looking to recreate the authentic vintage look of that era. Here we offer a wide range of retro pants for men and women .

Give a Vintage Gift: An Original Present Steeped in History

Offering a retro gift is a unique way to celebrate a special event. Whether for a birthday , a wedding or to please, a gift from our vintage fashion collection will always be appreciated. From sweatshirts to cardigans , pants and jackets , you're spoiled for choice when it comes to finding the perfect gift.