2000s Dresses

Dresses of the 2000s: A defining decade of fashion

The year 2000 was a turning point in the world of fashion . From the asymmetrical dress to cargo jeans, this period offered a wide range of unique styles and trends. Today, while these looks are making a comeback , we invite you to dive into our “Dress Year 2000” collection. You will find original clothes from the year 2000, as well as vintage outfits inspired by the emblematic looks of this year .

Dresses of the time

The dresses of the 2000s were a symbol of the fashion of the year 2000. Long or short skirt , straight or asymmetrical dress , every woman could find her style . Often accompanied by a pair of heeled shoes , these stockings were the main element of the look of women in the year 2000.

Among the most popular bottoms , we find the asymmetrical black dress , the denim dress or the leather dress . Each of these pieces brings a unique touch to the style of the wearer.

Denim trends of the time

Jeans also played a major role in the fashion of this period . Cargo jeans , low-rise jeans and denim jeans were particularly popular in the year 2000. Paired with a simple top or leather jacket , these jeans were often the go-to choice for a casual look .

Fashion accessories from the 2000s

What would a dress be without its accessories? Bags , glasses , shoes , each piece contributed to finalizing the look . Denim bags and aviator -style glasses were particularly popular at this time .

A style inspired by the stars of the time

The fashion of the 2000s was largely influenced by the stars of the time. Among them, Britney Spears remains a style icon of this decade . Its unique look has inspired many trends , which we find today in our stockings collection.

The return of trends from the 2000s

Today, trends from the 2000s are making a big comeback in the fashion world. Asymmetrical dresses , cargo jeans, leather jackets , the looks of the year 2000 are more and more present in our wardrobes .

A collection inspired by the trends of the year 2000

In our “Dress Year 2000” collection, we invite you to rediscover the trends of this period . Dresses , jeans , shoes , each piece has been carefully selected to offer you the best of 2000s style .

Quality parts at an affordable price

With us, quality does not mean an excessively high price. We offer you a wide range of quality stockings and other clothing at an affordable price . In addition, we regularly offer discounts on a selection of products.

A wide choice of sizes

We believe in the importance of allowing every woman to feel beautiful, regardless of their size . This is why we offer a wide choice of sizes , so that every woman can find the dress that suits her.

An overview of the pieces through images

On our site, you have the opportunity to explore our collection by browsing a selection of images . These images allow you to have an overview of the stockings and other clothing available.

In summary, our “Robe Year 2000” collection offers you a dive into a significant decade of fashion . Whether you are looking for an asymmetrical dress , cargo jeans or a leather jacket, you will surely find what you are looking for among our clothes .