90s Dresses

Explore 90s Vintage Fashion

The attraction for vintage fashion has never waned, and the 90s dress is one of its key pieces. Its unique style and chic look have stood the test of time to be found in current collections. Women looking for a retro look will love this type of dress .

Variety of 90s Evening Dresses

Whether it's cowl neck dresses , sexy strappy dresses, or flowy dresses for a night out on the town, you'll find a wide variety of 90s styles. If you're a woman looking for a unique printed dress or a vintage style evening dress , this collection is made for you.

Denim and Satin Dresses: The Essentials of the 90s Look

Denim and satin are two iconic materials of the 90s. A casual denim dress or an elegant satin dress can bring a touch of retro style to your wardrobe. Discover our denim dresses for a casual look or our satin dresses for a chic evening.

Go for 90s style with our collection of plaid and velvet dresses

The plaid dress and velvet dress were must-have pieces in the 90s. They offer a vintage look that is still in style . Rediscover these iconic styles and add a touch of retro fashion to your clothing collection.

Prices and Delivery of Vintage 90s Dresses

Our range of vintage 90s dresses offer excellent value for money . Plus, we offer free shipping on all orders. View our delivery information to learn more about our delivery times and return policies.

Take advantage of our Offers on 90s Dresses

We regularly have special offers on our 90s dresses . Whether you're looking for a sexy dress for an evening or a flowing dress for a casual look, take advantage of our offers to treat yourself to the dress of your dreams at an excellent price .

90s Vintage Dress Designers in Paris

Paris is known for being the fashion capital, and many Parisian designers offer vintage 90s dresses . Whether you are looking for a chic dress for an evening , or a denim dress for a casual look, you will certainly find the dress you need in our collection.

The Trend of Flowy and Lace Dresses in 90s Fashion

The elegance of flowing dresses combined with the delicacy of lace defines an essential part of 90s style . This retro fashion continues to fascinate women today. The flowing dress of this era offered incomparable comfort, while the lace models added a touch of sophistication. Every woman can find her preference in our clothing collection.

90s Cocktail Dresses: Revitalized Retro Fashion

Adding a '90s cocktail dress to your clothing collection could be the statement piece you need. Whether it's a flowy dress for a relaxed look or a sexy lace dress for a night out , you'll have no shortage of options.

Boho and the 90s Vintage Fashion Renaissance

Boho , known for its bold and innovative approach to fashion , has played a crucial role in the return of vintage fashion from the 90s . From flowing dresses to lace ones, Boho offers a wide range of clothing for every woman .

Boho – A Chic Choice for Women Looking for 90s Trend

The Boho collection is ideal for any woman looking for a distinctive vintage style . Evening dresses with bold patterns and spaghetti straps are popular choices for a chic evening out . You will also find flowing dresses and lace dresses , reminiscent of the chic trends of the 90s .

Maxi Dresses of the 90s: A Striking Return to Today's Fashion

Maxi dresses from the 90s have made a remarkable comeback in today's fashion . These dresses , often made of satin or velvet , offer an attractive retro style . Choose from a variety of maxi dresses in our collection, offering excellent quality at a great price .

Velvet Dresses - The Sweetness of the 90s

The velvet dress from the 90s is back in the spotlight. This vintage style is a perfect choice for a woman who wants to stand out. The velvet dresses available in our collection are not only chic but also incredibly comfortable.

The Splendor of Satin and the Appeal of Prints: A Reminder of the Chic Trends of the Time

Satin has always been synonymous with elegance and refinement. Over the years, this soft and lustrous fabric has become a must-have for every self-respecting woman . Bold prints , on the other hand, added a touch of excitement and creativity to each product .

Boho: A Name Synonymous with Vintage Style

Boho has captured the essence of vintage style with its unique collection. From casual simplicity to refined elegance, each product reflects painstaking attention to detail and a commitment to quality.

Unique Cocktail Clothes for a Chic and Seductive Look

Cocktail wear is an essential part of any woman's wardrobe. Whether you're looking for the perfect piece for a special evening or a casual outfit for a less formal event, our cocktail attire offers a multitude of choices.

The Beauty of Lace: Always in Vogue

Lace , with its delicate texture and intricate designs, has always been a hot trend. It adds a touch of sophistication to any product , whether it's a sexy evening dress or a flowing cocktail dress .

Affordable Prices and Free Shipping: We Make Fashion Accessible to All

We believe that quality fashion should not be out of reach. That's why we offer affordable prices on all our products . Plus, we offer free shipping to ensure your new favorite piece arrives straight to your door at no extra cost.

Special Offers on a Selection of Products: Don’t Miss These Opportunities

We regularly offer special offers on a selection of products . Whether you're looking for a sexy cocktail dress , an evening gown or a chic accessory , keep an eye on our offers to take advantage of the best deals.

Easy Return: Because We Understand that Fashion is a Matter of Personal Taste

We understand that every woman has her own style and preferences. This is why we have implemented an easy returns policy. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it without any problem.