70s Rug

Vintage Rug - A Return to the 70s

From Cotton to Vinyl, an Ode to the Era

Vintage rug fashion is back! Rediscover the authenticity and charm of the 70s in our selection of wool and cotton rugs. From design to manufacturing, each piece reveals a part of the history of this iconic decade. If you're looking for a modern piece with a vintage touch, our collection of vinyl rugs will revive your memories of this period of the last century.

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Enjoy free delivery on all our vintage rugs. Whether it is an old Turkish rug or a kilim rug with geometric patterns, each immediate purchase guarantees you fast and efficient service. For your convenience, prices are displayed in EUR.

A wide selection to beautify your interior

The Art of Decoration with a Retro and Contemporary Style

Beyond their practical aspect, 70s rugs are true pieces of art . They reflect the atmosphere and lifestyle of that era. With our wide selection of vintage rugs, you can add a retro touch to your interior decoration. A modern rug with designs from that era or an oriental rug with floral designs can transform any living room or hallway.

Vibrant Colors to Brighten Up Your Home

Find the iconic colors of this decade, like orange and red , in our rug collection. Whether it's a Scandinavian-style rug with geometric patterns or a Turkish rug with a floral design, each piece will bring a pop of color to your home.

Size and Condition - Our Vintage Rugs Are Perfect for Any Space

Choosing the Size and Condition of the Carpet

Whether you're looking for a spacious rug for your living room or a more compact model for your hallway, we have just what you need. Each vintage rug in our collection is carefully selected based on its condition and size . From the designer's workshop to your home, each rug is ready for use upon receipt.

Artisan Rug Sale from Turkey and beyond

Our collection includes rugs of different styles and origins. You will find traditional kilim rugs, vintage Turkish rugs, and even Scandinavian-style pieces. Each sale supports the work of artisans in Turkey and beyond.

More Than a Rug - Versatile Vintage Decorative Objects

Retro Style Dresses and Bags

Beyond rugs, we offer a selection of retro-style dresses and bags to complement your interior decoration. Each piece is unique and represents the spirit of the 70s .

The Choice of Patterns for Each Room

Whether it's floral patterns for your living room or geometric patterns for your hallway, each rug in our collection is available in different designs to suit your preferences and your interior. Explore our offering and make your purchase today to bring a touch of vintage style to your home.

Discover the Richness of the Old Turkish Carpet – A Unique Blend of Tradition and Modernity

Pristine State – The Incomparable Beauty of the Turkish Kilim

Our Turkish rugs, whether old or modern, are selected for their excellent condition. Whether it's a kilim with geometric designs or a floral rug, each piece carries the history and culture of Turkey. Our antique rugs are not only objects of art, but also precious witnesses of the past.

The Perfect Size for Every Interior

Whether it's your living room, hallway or any other room in your home, we have a Turkish rug in the perfect size for you. Our wide range of sizes gives you the perfect choice for every space.

Expand Your Collection with Our Special Sale Offers

Buy More, Save More

With our offer system, you can get more for your money. By making an immediate purchase, you benefit from special discounts. The more you buy, the more you save.

Free Shipping on Every Purchase

We are proud to offer free shipping on every purchase. Whether you're buying an oriental rug or a fashionable bag, we make sure your order arrives at your doorstep at no extra cost.

Wool and Cotton Rugs – An Affordable Luxury for Every Home

The Excellence of Wool and Cotton

Our wool and cotton rugs are outstanding examples of Turkish craftsmanship. Each strand of fiber is meticulously chosen and processed to ensure the creation of a superior quality product.

A Plethora of Pricing Options Suitable for All Budgets

Whether you're looking for a luxury rug for your living room or a more affordable piece for your hallway, we have a price range to suit every budget. Our prices are indicated in EUR to facilitate your purchasing process.

Color and Art – A Celebration of 70s Design

The Impact of Color

Vibrant hues such as orange and red were extremely popular during the 70s decade. Our rugs reflect this trend with a variety of colorful designs.

A Living Room Transformed by the Art of Carpets

Whether modern or vintage, a rug can completely transform your living room. A floral rug can bring warmth and personality to your space, while a geometric rug can add a touch of contemporary elegance.

Our Creator Workshops – The Heart of Our Production

H3: A Work of Passion and Devotion *

Each rug is made in our designer workshops. It is a work of passion and devotion, where every detail is carefully thought out and executed.

H3: A Vintage Bag, the Perfect Addition to Your Rug *

Our vintage bags are the perfect complement to our rugs. They are designed taking into account the smallest detail and quality, in order to offer you a product combining aesthetics and longevity.

Old Scandinavian Rugs - A Homage to the Craftsmanship of the Last Century

The Undeniable Charm of Vintage Scandinavian Rugs

The vintage Scandinavian rugs in our collection capture the essence of Nordic design. Ancestral techniques, the exceptional quality of wool and cotton, and attention to detail combine to create these timeless masterpieces. With their clean lines and signature minimalism, these rugs are a wonderful addition to any interior space.

Vintage Dresses, a Reminder of the Elegance of the 70s

In addition to our rugs, we offer a selection of vintage dresses from the 70s. Whether for a special event or to add a little nostalgia to your everyday wardrobe, these pieces are eye-catching objects of art. attention.

Make the Choice of Color – A Range of Tones to Brighten Up Your Decor

The Radiance of Red and Orange in Our Rugs and Bags

Relive the 70s with our range of rugs and bags in bright red and orange. These bold hues add a note of energy and vibrancy to any space. Our wool and cotton rugs available in different sizes will brighten up every corner of your interior.

Impeccable Condition, Competitive Prices – An Irresistible Offer

We ensure that every antique rug and vintage dress we offer is in impeccable condition. On top of that, we offer a wide range of prices to fit all budgets. Every purchase is a deal with our free shipping and special offers.

Our Turkish Designer Workshops – Where Traditional Meets Modern

The Expertise of our Turkish Artisans

Each rug in our collection is the product of the expertise and know-how of our Turkish designers. Whether it is an old rug or a vintage bag, each piece is made with care and passion in our workshops.

Make Your Purchase Instantly – A Hassle-Free Shopping Experience

We make buying vintage rugs and bags easy and hassle-free. With our Buy Now system, you can shop with confidence, knowing your order will be delivered to your door free of charge.

From Hallway to Bedroom – Vintage Rugs for Every Space

The Versatility of Vintage Rugs

Our vintage rugs aren't just for living rooms. Rugs are ideal for bringing a distinctive touch to various spaces in your home, such as the hallway, bedroom or any other room. Each rug, whether wool, cotton or vinyl, offers a unique combination of color and texture, allowing you to personalize your environment.

A Collection of Contemporary Rugs Inspired by 70s Design

Our collection doesn't stop at vintage rugs. We also have a selection of contemporary rugs inspired by 70s design. These pieces offer a modern aesthetic with a touch of nostalgia.