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90s fashion: a trip down memory lane

Relive the 90s with our collection of vintage clothing . Browse through our pages and discover a variety of dresses , jeans , jackets , overalls and other items that defined the style of that era. The retro look is hotter than ever and we've got everything you need to create your own 90s- inspired look.

Find your size

No matter your size , we have the perfect 90s outfit for you. Our range of vintage clothing includes sizes for men and women, from small to large. Find the dress , jeans or shirt that suits your style and size. Full sizing information is available for each item on our site.

Jeans: the centerpiece of 90s style

Jeans were a key element of '90s style . Whether it was oversized jeans , high-waisted jeans , or slim jeans , every man and woman of the 90s had a pair of jeans in their wardrobe. We offer a wide range of sizes and styles of vintage denim pants to satisfy all tastes and styles.

T-shirts and shirts: essential for the 90s look

What would a 90s outfit be without a good old shirt ? Patterned shirts and shirts were a must in the 90s . They were often worn oversized, in the typical style of the time. Discover our collection of vintage t-shirts , plaid shirts and denim shirts to complete your retro look.

Pants and shorts: two 90s style essentials

Pants and shorts were two key pieces of the 90s wardrobe. We offer a variety of sizes and styles of vintage pants and shorts to suit every style.

Overalls: a 90s fashion essential

Dungarees are another great classic from the 90s . Fitted or oversized , in denim or cotton, overalls were a must for any 90s look . We provide you with a varied selection of vintage overalls in various sizes and colors to suit your preferences.

Jacket and coat: the finishing touch to your retro look

The jacket and coat were also important pieces of 90s style . Whether you prefer a denim jacket , suit jacket, or sports jacket, we've got you covered. Our vintage jackets come in multiple sizes and styles to complete your retro look .

Accessories: wig, glasses and other essentials of the time

No 90s outfit is complete without the right accessories . Oversized sunglasses , colorful wigs, and statement jewelry were all staples of '90s style . Browse our selection of vintage accessories to add the finishing touch to your retro look .

Delivery and returns: buy with peace of mind

Take advantage of our fast and secure delivery service to receive your items directly to your home. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, our returns policy allows you to return items within 14 days of your purchase.

Price: style at a low price

Vintage fashion doesn't have to be expensive. With us you will find a wide variety of 90s clothing and accessories at affordable prices . Whether you're looking for a dress , jeans , shirt , or jacket , you're sure to find something that fits your style and budget.

Costumes: be the most stylish during your themed evenings

Are you organizing a 90s themed party ? We provide you with everything you need to create the perfect costume . From the complete costume to the colorful wig , including accessories , we have everything to make you the star of the evening.

Man or woman: a look for everyone

Whether you're a man or a woman , you'll find the perfect 90s outfit in our collection. With a variety of clothing and accessories for all genders and sizes, we have what you need to create your retro look .

Information to help you choose better

We provide you with all the information you need to make the best choice. Whether to know the size , composition, origin or price of our items, we are transparent and available to answer all your questions.

New trends: the return of the 90s look

90s fashion is making a big comeback. Whether on busy streets, fashion shows or the pages of magazines, the retro aesthetic is everywhere. By opting for our collection of vintage clothing and accessories, you will always keep your style at the forefront of current trends.

Availability of our products

All items presented on our site are available in stock. However, due to the growing popularity of retro fashion , some items may quickly become unavailable. So we recommend ordering quickly if you see something you like.

Looks inspired by advertisements of the era

Our collection is inspired by advertisements from the 90s . We have recreated the most iconic looks from this era to allow you to relive the trends of the time .

Black and white: classic colors of the 90s

Black and white were two key colors of 90s fashion . Whether for a dress , a shirt , jeans or a jacket , black and white are classic choices that never go out of style.

Print: a 90s must-have

Print was another big trend of the 90s . Whether for a dress , a shirt or pants , the print adds a touch of fun to any outfit .

We are pleased to present our selection of clothing and accessories from the 90s . We hope you will share our enthusiasm as we create this experience. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like further information. Enjoy your shopping experience to the fullest!