70s Jackets

Retro Style: 70s Jackets

70s Jacket: A Return to Retro Fashion

70s jackets are back and in force! We are proud to present a collection exclusively dedicated to jackets from this remarkable decade. Discover our range of wool , leather , velvet or cotton jackets , all in excellent condition . For both men and women, we have designs ranging from small to large, ensuring every size is catered for.

A Wide Range of Hippie and Disco Styles

Our vintage collection is a tribute to the diversity of 70s fashion . You will find hippie style jackets , in perfect condition , with embroidered flowers and suede details, or flashy disco jackets in brown or red velvet , ideal for any retro evening costume . The size options are vast, and each piece is unique.

Jackets and Blazers for Men

For men , our range includes wool and leather blazers and jackets , suede vests , vintage check jackets , and even sports jackets. Whether for the office or a disco party, we have a jacket in your size . You will also find a selection of suits in black , brown and beige tones.

Women's Jackets and Coats

For women , our store offers leather jackets , wide- collar blazers , wool coats , and hippie jackets with flowers . Are you looking for a costume for a theme party? Opt for a red disco dress or a sequined jacket !

Delivery to All Countries

We are proud to offer delivery to all countries . For more information on shipping times and costs, please see our delivery page. Delivery prices vary depending on the country of destination.

Similar Jackets and Recommendations

Did you like a jacket, but it's not available in your size ? No worries, we offer you similar models and personalized recommendations . Do not hesitate to consult our other collections to discover other vintage styles.

Prices and Payment Methods

All prices of our products are clearly indicated in EUR . For more information on pricing , promotions and payment options, visit our Pricing page.

To conclude, Style Rétro is your shop of choice for 70s jackets . So, don't wait any longer, immerse yourself in the vintage trend and find the perfect jacket for you.

Expand Your Wardrobe with Our Vintage Dresses

No vintage collection would be complete without the essential 70s dress . Whether you're looking for the ultimate hippie look with colorful florals and soft cotton , or want to add a little disco to your wardrobe with a sparkly dress , we have the perfect dress for you. Each dress is carefully inspected to ensure excellent condition and proper size . Brown , red , black and beige were the key colors of this year , so you will find these dominant tones in our collection.

Costumes for Every Occasion

A retro costume can really make a statement at a themed party. Whether you're looking for a vintage football costume or a sparkly disco ensemble, we've got you covered. Our costumes are available in different sizes and styles . If you're looking for options similar to a particular outfit, check out our recommendations .

Quality at an Affordable Price

Here at us , we believe that quality vintage fashion shouldn't cost a fortune. That's why we strive to offer our products at a fair and affordable price , with all price information clearly stated in EUR .

Our Collection of Jackets and Coats

As the colder months approach, why not invest in a vintage coat or jacket ? Our wool coats and leather jackets are available in various sizes . Suede , velvet , and cotton are among the materials used for these pieces, always in the spirit of the 70s . The dominant colors of this collection are brown , black and beige .

International Delivery

We are proud to offer delivery to all countries . For more information on delivery times and costs, see our delivery page. The delivery price is calculated based on the country of destination.

Our Vest Options

Our vests in various sizes are a nice addition to your vintage collection. Whether you're looking for a wool vest for colder days or a cotton vest for a disco night, you'll find a piece to suit your taste in our store.

Our selection of Blazers

The trend for retro elegance is perfectly expressed in our blazer collection. With a range of styles and sizes to suit everyone, you can choose from our cotton , wool or velvet blazers . Whether you're looking for a vintage suede piece for a more casual look or a checked blazer for a classic effect, we've got you covered. Each blazer is carefully inspected to ensure excellent condition and proper sizing . The dominant colors of this collection are brown , black and beige .

Discover our Vintage Costumes

Suits have a special place in our selection of 70s trends . For men , we have lightweight cotton suits for the warmer months, as well as wool suits for winter. For women , we offer bold suits with checks and flowers . All of our costumes are available in different sizes and styles.

Sports of the 70s

We do not forget the impact of sport on the trend of the 70s . We offer vintage items related to football , winter sports and outdoor activities. From jackets to coats , vests and suits , each piece exudes the essence of 70s sport .

Hippie Accessories to Complete Your Look

In addition to our dresses and blazers , we offer a wide range of hippie accessories to complete your vintage look. From cotton scarves with flower prints, to leather and suede jewelry, these pieces will add an authentic touch to your style.

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Delivery and Shipping Costs

Delivery of our vintage items is possible to all countries . We strive to provide a fast and efficient delivery service so you can enjoy your new vintage item as quickly as possible. Shipping costs are calculated based on the country of destination. For more information on delivery costs, please see our delivery page.

Tiles, a must-have of the 70s

The checkered pattern was a true symbol of the 70s . In our store you can find a multitude of checked pieces. From dresses to suits and blazers , checks are present in various shapes and sizes . Checks can be featured on cotton jackets or wool coats , bringing a classic touch to your wardrobe.

Leather: Elegance and Durability

Leather was a very popular material during the 70s . It not only brings a touch of elegance, but also great durability to all our pieces. In our store, you will find a range of leather blazers for men and women , leather coats , as well as leather accessories. Whether you're looking for a leather dress , jacket or vest , we have the perfect piece for you.

Velvet, the Softness of the 70s

Velvet was one of the most popular fabrics of the 70s . Synonymous with luxury and comfort, velvet is ideal for a multitude of pieces in our collection. Whether you're looking for a velvet blazer , a soft dress , or an elegant coat , you'll find plenty of options in our store.

Long, Short and Three-Quarter Sleeves

Sleeves have great importance in the 70s trend . They can be long for a winter coat , short for a summer dress or three-quarter length for a casual look. You will find options for all sleeve preferences in our store.

All Sizes Available

We understand the importance of having a piece that fits you perfectly. That's why we offer a wide range of sizes for all of our pieces. Whether you are looking for a men's blazer , a women's dress or a suit , you will find your ideal size with us.

Wide, Round, V-neck

The collar plays an important role in the 70s trend . In our store, you will find pieces with wide, round or V- shaped collars , for an authentic retro look.