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The Timeless Elegance of our 50s Flower Lace Wedding Dress

Discover the timeless elegance of our 50s Flower Lace Wedding Dress from the Retro Style brand. This retro dress embodies the glamorous and romantic look of the 50s, with a modern twist that makes it one of a kind. Immerse yourself in a world of charm and femininity, and prepare to experience an unforgettable wedding.

A V-neck for a touch of sensuality:

With its V-neck, our retro wedding dress subtly reveals your neckline, adding a touch of sensuality to your look. You will be the bride who attracts all eyes with her mysterious charm. Walk to the altar with confidence, because our dress is designed to make you shine brightly.

Lace decoration, flowers, embroidery and appliques:

Delicate lace details, romantic florals, exquisite embroidery and artistic appliques are the key elements that make our vintage wedding dress so special. Every detail is designed to magnify your femininity and make you feel like a true princess. You will be the exceptional bride, whose beauty captivates all hearts present.

A Backless Wedding Dress for a Modern and Daring Bride

Our 50s Flower Lace Wedding Dress is more than just a dress, it's a style statement for the modern and daring bride. With its backless design, this retro dress gives you the opportunity to stand out and shine in the spotlight.

A bare back for a daring look:

The backless design of our retro wedding dress is a true work of art. It elegantly highlights your back, revealing a subtle and sensual touch of skin. You will be the bride who dares to express her personality, ready to experience an unforgettable wedding.

Built-in bra for perfect support:

We understand the importance of a perfect fit for your wedding dress. That's why our retro dress is equipped with a built-in bra, giving you optimal support throughout the day. You will be able to move with confidence, knowing that our dress is designed to enhance your figure with elegance.

Vintage Wedding Dress: The Art of Chic and Trendy Design

Our 50s Flower Lace Wedding Dress is the embodiment of the art of chic and trendy design, where retro fashion meets modernity in harmony. You will be the bride who combines tradition and style, ready to experience a wedding worthy of a fairy tale.

Sleeveless wedding dress for exquisite lightness:

The sleeveless wedding dress offers exquisite lightness that will allow you to move with ease throughout the day. You will be the radiant bride, able to fully enjoy every moment of your wedding. Our retro dress is designed to give you absolute comfort without compromising on elegance.


Your satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we offer free standard shipping on your wedding dress. Take advantage of this exceptional offer now and prepare to experience an exceptional wedding, where your vintage dress will reflect your unique beauty.

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